INSTABITS : August 2014

We’re down to the last few months of the year.  September has arrived, so I expect that I will be hearing Christmas carols on the radio soon :)  I love this time of the year.

On the first day of August, Amie and I went UPD to visit Ma’am Cherry.  While walking around, we encountered several groups of freshman students on a campus tour.  Amie said I blended right in with the freshies and took these pictures to prove it.  What do you think? XD


After catching up for a bit, Ma’am Cherry took us to have lunch at ROC (Thanks Ma’am!).  I ordered their creamy pesto pasta, which was yummy~

These days, I’ve been playing around a lot with my Eyes on the 60’s make up palette from BH Cosmetics.  I love all the bright and fun colors.  Here I used pink and purple eyeshadow to match my dress :)

Random picture of Ckloy and me while waiting for our order at JCo.  We were celebrating our 8th year and 8th month together this day.

In my last INSTABITs entry, I mentioned that my iPod dove into a bucket of water while I was showering.  After burying it in rice for a few days, I checked to see if it would work again – and it did!  Yaaay~ Good as new :D

Amie asked me to help out with the students’ assisted enlistment during registration this semester.  It was my first time as an enlistor.  I thought it would be chaotic, but it was actually pretty organized.

Our first day of classes was on August 11.  I try to look presentable and wear heels when I teach, but I’ve gotten so used to wearing flats and sneakers over the last four months that my feet hurt like crazy by the end of the day.  I have to train myself how to walk in heels again.

Ezra decided to start her PhD this semester.  I can’t believe that my little sister might get her degree before me!

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Week 30/52 : Breathe

I managed to squeeze in a quick and simple photomanipulation. I made the heart using cloud brushes from Obsidian Dawn.

I shot 4 self portraits yesterday, but I don’t know when I’ll be able to edit them, or if I will be able to use them all. Sometimes I’ll shoot something and end up really liking it at first, but during the editing process I’ll realize that it’s terrible and I end up scrapping it. Hopefully that won’t happen with these photos because I spent a lot of time conceptualizing them.

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Week 29/52 : Be yourself – an original is worth more than a copy

I bought this shirt at the ToyCon last June. It’s the shirt that G-Dragon wore in this “One of a Kind” MV.


I looked for it last October when Ezra and I dropped by Cosmania, but they didn’t have it. Fortunately it was available at the ToyCon  The stall I bought it from had a bunch of other Kpop and Jpop designs too. (Ezra’s still beating herself up for not buying a One OK Rock shirt when she had the chance.)

Anyway, this is just a simple self portrait. You’ll probably see a couple of these in my next few uploads, seeing as I’m already 6 weeks behind. I’ve got a lot of catching up to do. Gah~

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Thailand 2013 : Adventures in Ayutthaya

During our visit to Thailand last Christmas, our family signed up for a tour of Ayutthaya.  It took us around different historical temples and ended with a nice riverboat cruise buffet along Chao Praya River.


We booked the Grand Pearl Riverboat Cruise, which was recommended by our hotel.  A shuttle picked us up and took us to the River City Shopping Complex where the tour bus was waiting.


It took about 1 1/2 hours for us to reach our first stop for the day. On the way there, our guide gave us some background information about Thailand and the royal family.  He told us that Ayutthaya was one of the old capitals of Thailand, back in the 16th century.  I also enjoyed learning about how the Thai people assign different colors for different days.  Our guide explained that most Thai houses and establishments will have a yellow flag displayed next to the Thai flag to honor their king, who was born on a Monday.


I was born on a Wednesday, so according to Thai beliefs, my lucky color is green.  (According to Wikipedia, this also means that my unlucky color is pink – which sort of sucks because it’s my favorite color and practically everything I own is pink.  Good thing I’m not superstitious.)


Our first stop was Bang Pa In Palace

IMG_5800Our guide put this sign up on our bus and told us to take a picture of it to remind us of our bus number and meeting time

Bang Pa In Palace is the Summer Palace of King Rama V.  The guide showed us around and talked more about Thailand’s history. This trip took place 9 months ago so I can’t really remember everything he told us.  To make up for it, here are some pictures I took while we walked around:


Lovely pavilion in the middle of the pond




Palace Directory


There were many beautiful gardens inside the palace walls


Lookout tower




I forgot what this place was, but I think it was the Throne Room


Beautiful architecture


Look at the intricate details on the gate







Outside we saw this little house thing:

IMG_5870a (1)

I’m not really sure what it was for, but it was open to visitors.  It was a little cramped inside and you had to take your shoes off (which is common for most of these places), so my parents decided to skip it.

IMG_5870a (2)

They had really low ceilings on the first floor


The second floor was more spacious


IMG_5870a (3)

This is the gazebo where Ezra had her 51st portrait for 2013.

There were a lot of lovely hedge carvings around the palace.  Our guide told us that the prince/king likes doing these himself.


Adorable elephants

This one’s supposed to be a cobra


We found this cute gazebo which looks like it came straight out of a fairy tale


After a exploring the palace grounds, we went back to the bus to head over to Wat Maha That


Quick selfie while waiting for the rest of our group to arrive


On our way to our next location, our guide pointed out these pillars which clearly showed how high waters reached during the flooding of 2011.


When we arrived at the temple, we saw a bunch of these interesting looking tuk tuks :)


There were also some locals there selling some yummy looking ice cream


Before we went inside the temple, our guide gave us a bit of information about the place.  He also reminded us to be respectful and showed us this sign which contains things that we are not supposed to do while we were there.

Our guide told us that this temple was built around the 14th century.  When the Burmese attacked Ayutthaya, the place was destroyed.  A lot of tourists come here to see the ruins.IMG_5943


There were several of these Cambodian-style pagodas around the area








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Week 28/52 : Just another day in paradise

I love how this shot turned out. We actually did something similar in 2012. It was one of my favorite pictures that year.

This was taken on our last day in Boracay. We were walking back to our resort from church when we saw the sun start to set. I ran all the way back to our room to get Ckloy (and my camera) so we could enjoy this magical moment together. It lasted only for a couple of minutes, but it was beautiful. We were fortunate enough to get a couple of shots before the sun completely disappeared.

Thank you to my sister for helping us out with this photo :)

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Week 27/52 : Sing me an island lullaby

Yes, yes … another dippy.  I seem to be making a lot of those this year.

This was taken over the summer when our family went to Boracay (blog entry to follow). It was a little last minute getaway.  My aunts were visiting from California and we figured it was the perfect excuse to go :)

I’ve still got a couple of self portraits to post from last summer, but I haven’t had time to sit down and edit them properly. It’s the second week of classes and I’m still trying to adjust to my schedule. Hopefully in a few more weeks I’ll be able to get some free time and catch up on this project.

Thank you to Ckloy for being patient and helping me with this shot :)

(Title inspired by the lyrics of Jump Right In by Zac Brown Band)

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Week 26/52 : Chase your dreams instead of running from your fears

A simple self portrait. I shot and edited this in early July but forgot all about it. I’m now 6 weeks behind on this project. I have 2 other shots that I’ve finished editing, but I keep forgetting to upload them as well.

Classes have started again. It’s been 4 months since I last taught a class, it feels a little weird to stand and talk in front of a group of people again. I’m sure I’ll adjust soon, probably in a week or so. Right now I’m trying to fix my sleeping schedule. I’ve gotten so used to sleeping so late and waking up around 9am. I have an 8am lecture this semester, which means I need to train myself to get up around 6am again. Gah~

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