Week 14/52 : Hello summer!

Ahh summer~ I hate the heat but I love the memories :D

To celebrate the completion of all my Hawaii entries on this blog, I decided to make a little Hawaiian-themed SP.

I feel like my summer break has finally begun :) Officially, it won’t start until the 28th, because that’s when I’ll be allowed to file for a teacher’s leave, but I submitted the last of my students’s grades last Friday, and I won’t be teaching again until August, so hooray! :D

You read that correctly. No teaching until August. We have 4 months of summer this year! UPLB’s academic calendar is shifting its start of classes from June to August, so we get 2 extra months of summer break! How cool is that? :D Although I’m a little worried that when August comes I’ll be awkward in front of the students because I would have forgotten how to teach a class. Hopefully that won’t happen. I wish I could say that we’re free to spend all those 4 months on vacation, but we’re only given a month off from work. The rest of the time we have to report to the office to do other things. But I’m not complaining. One month is more than what most people get.

The “sarong” I’m wearing in this shot is actually a piece of fabric Ezra and I bought a few weeks ago, to be used as a pillowcase.  I hadn’t gotten around to making it yet so we figured we might as well use it in this photo.  Right after I shot this, I made the pillowcase for her, and Ezra made this for me:

She posted it on her birthday (yesterday) so there was nothing I could do about it

Kurt saw what Ezra did, and this is what happened:

I swear, those two are perfect for each other


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Hawaii videos by SKDR Films :)

I’ve finished writing all my Hawaii entries, but I wanted to share these videos that Kurt made of our trip.  He filmed us constantly during our visit there (which you can see from the pictures I’ve shared).  As soon as we were back in LA, he started editing the footage.  He actually posted these last year because he’s not a lazy bum (like me) who takes a year to do these things.

This first video is the first one he made out of the three.  This one is centered on Ezra. (It’s like an Ezra Idol DVD, lol.)  He made one which featured me too (which I love of course), but I think I like this one just a little bit more.  Probably because you can really see how much effort was put into it. I’m not saying that the one he made for me wasn’t nice, or that he didn’t spend as much time on it, but since Ezra is his girlfriend and Kurt spent most of his time filming her, it’s only natural that she would have a lot of great footage.  Also, I love the song they chose for this video.  Summer Paradise is a perfect way to describe our trip.  And they went with the version which featured Taka from ONE OK ROCK :D

In the video you can see all the things I mentioned in my previous blog entries – from checking in at Trump Hotel, to visiting beaches, Kualoa Ranch, sailing, the Charity Walk and the luau at Paradise Cove.  (You can see the wave that attacked us during our sunset cruise around 2:29)

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Hawaiian Luau at Paradise Cove

On our final day in Hawaii, Papa Steve took us to Paradise Cove for a wonderful luau experience.  We got to immerse ourselves in Hawaiian culture by doing arts and crafts, playing games and watching a Hawaiian performance while enjoying a nice dinner.


Parents looking very tropical in their floral printed outfits

My dad took these photos on the way to Paradise Cove:

IMG_8006 (1)

IMG_8006 (2)

IMG_8006 (3)

(I didn’t see most of these sights because I was sleeping in the backseat.  I woke up with a fever that morning T__T)

On our way to Paradise Cove, Papa Steve took us to see Aulani, the Disney Hawaiian Resort.




The resort is owned by Disney but aside from the gift shop, I didn’t really see any signs of Disney in there.  It’s not like they had Mickey Mouse waiting to greet us in the lobby.  (Although they might have Hidden Mickeys all over the place and I just didn’t notice.)

IMG_8006 (5)

Taking pictures on the lobby balcony


They had a lazy river.  I would have loved to try this :)


Koi pond

IMG_8039a (3)

IMG_8039a (4)

Some fluffy stuff.  Not sure what they are.  Spears?  Some kind of weapon?  (They look a lot like feather dusters though.)

IMG_8024a (3)

We were sitting in the lobby and chillin’ when this guy showed up:

IMG_8024a (1)

He gave us a brief history of Hawaii


He was very passionate about it too

After his little history lesson, we walked around the hotel for a bit




After exploring the place and checking out the gift shop, we continued our drive to Paradise Cove


Posing in front as Daddy and Papa Steve buys our tickets for us



Despite our little detour to Aulani, we got there a bit early.  They weren’t letting people in yet, so we grabbed a bench and waited for the opening

IMG_8043a (1)

IMG_8043a (2)

After a few minutes, the staff told us to form a line because they would be letting people in soon

IMG_8043a (4)

Getting our leis from the staff

IMG_8043a (5)

The sun was really harsh where the line was, but I found a good solution


Papa Steve though I was being sweet by coming up to stand so close to him, until he realized my true intent XD

IMG_8043a (7)

Quick shot before we went inside.  We were at the front of the line so we got to go in first, yay!

IMG_8048a (1)a

Time to get the line moving


 We were welcomed by this lady’s singing

IMG_8048a (2)aWe were also given free drinks as we entered the place

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Review : Milani Multitasker Face Powder


This is more like a first impression than a review since I only used the product for three days.  But I just like it so much that I had to write this entry.

A lot of makeup gurus on YouTube have mentioned this in their monthly favorites so I figured I’d give it a try.  I actually picked this up last year, back when I was running low on my Maybelline Powder Foundation.  But for some reason I only opened this a few weeks ago


I bought it from Walmart and I can’t remember how much I got it for, but according to their site it should be around $7

I normally prefer BB creams and liquid foundation, but since it’s summer I haven’t been in the mood to put anything too heavy on my face.  I figured if this has good coverage, I can skip the BB cream/foundation.


I like the fact that the sponge comes in a separate compartment.  I know it makes for a bulkier packaging, but I feel it’s more sanitary this way.


I also love the print on the actual powder.  I think it looks very elegant.



The shade I picked up was Light Tan (#4).  Each compact comes with 10.5g of product.

This is what the Milani website has to say about this product

A luxurious, velvet-soft face powder, specially formulated to provide a dimensional yet natural-matte finish. Provides perfect light to medium coverage.

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Hawaii : Sunset sailing

After our eventful 6-mile Charity Walk this morning, our day was far from over.  Papa Steve scheduled a relaxing sunset cruise for us later that day.  We had a few hours to rest and get ready for our afternoon on the catamaran.


Quick group photo in front of the hotel before we left

We walked to the beach where the catamaran would be picking us up



Lots of people enjoying the sun


Signing some waivers for our sunset sail

We were told that the catamaran hasn’t returned from its previous cruise yet, so we walked around the beach and took photos while waiting




Kurt with his precious glidecam again








We found a summer Santa walking around

After a few short minutes, we spotted the catamaran returning to shore:



IMG_7615a (1)

IMG_7615a (4)

IMG_7615a (5)

IMG_7615b (1)

IMG_7615b (3)

Before allowing us to get on the boat, our captain briefed us and gave us some simple do’s and don’t’s for the cruise.


He also told us that we would be out at sea till the sun goes down, and that it would be a dry cruise with unlimited drinks on board.


Footwear wasn’t allowed on board so we left our sandals and slippers on the shore

IMG_7630a (2)

We got to board the boat first so we got good seats in the front


We sat on the floor while the “adults” got to sit on the bench

Long line of people still waiting to come aboard


The “floor” of the boat is actually this net type thing.  Which meant that sometimes water would splash up on us when the waves got too strong.  It made for  a nice a breezy ride though.

Once everyone was seated, our captain told us to sit back, relax and enjoy the cruise



His co-captain told us that he would be providing us with drinks later.  And if we want more, we just had to go as him for a refill

The cruise started off really nicely.  The breeze was refreshing and the view was lovely.  Our only complaint was that Tita Rachel and Papa Steve got stuck sitting next to this vain, obnoxious couple who kept talking about how much money they have.  Tita Rachel and Papa Steve tried to come up with a plan to change their seats, but thankfully they didn’t have to suffer for very long. You’ll find out why in a minute.

Our cruise took us to this spot where the surfers were:



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Week 13/52 : Que sera sera

(I can’t believe 1/4th of 2014 is already over)

Simple self portrait I took last Sunday. I had a photomanipulation in mind but no time to execute it. I was checking lab reports and exams the whole week. At least I had my mom to keep my company while I checked last weekend. Since we both teach at the University, we go through these stressful times together. We spent the whole day holed up in our dining room trying to finish grading our students’s papers.

I managed to squeeze a quick shoot in during one of my breaks this afternoon and this was the result. I’m actually pretty happy with how this turned out, especially considering the time constraint. Originally I planned on just shooting my self portrait later this week, but I knew that once I allowed myself to start being late again, it will just go downhill from there. This year I plan to stay on top of things and submit my self portraits on time :)

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INSTABITS : March 2014

Now that thesis defense period is over, I have a little bit of free time.  I’ve still got loads of reports to check but I think I can finally squeeze this entry in. It’s already late as it is.


Started the month off by being vain, as usual.  These days, I normally wear my hair curly, so I haven’t really noticed how long it’s getting.  I wore it straight this one time and was surprised :D

Ezra has this annoying habit of stealing my phone and sending mushy messages to herself.  Or sometimes when we get into one of our petty arguments and she wants to me apologize she just goes ahead and sends herself these messages. (Yes, she’s crazy.)  So I guess I should stop being surprised to find messages like this sent to her whenever I open Viber.  (One time she accidentally sent the messages to Karrie instead of herself!  Poor Karrie must have been so weirded out.)

I ordered fake bangs from eBay and they finally arrived.  I like having side swept bangs so I’ve been letting them grow out.  But there are times when I want blunt bangs for my SP and I figured this was a good solution.   I need to give it a little trim so it looks more natural though.

I made Sir Taps try my fake bangs on. I told him it made him look like Fukunaga from The Liar Game.  What do you think? XD

Merienda from 7-11 one afternoon. It was my first time trying their hot pot meal. I liked it.  I’ll probably get it again next time.

I was OBSESSED with this drama last month.  As soon as I finished the last episode I actually went back to watch the entire thing all over again.  I made a review about it, which you can read HERE .  (Warning : it contains lots of SPOILERS.)

I even managed to get my hands on some You Who Came From The Stars sheet music and started trying to learn them on the piano :) Weeee~

And I changed my phone’s lock screen to a picture of Kim Soo Hyun!   I think the last time I used an idol’s/actor’s photo as my phone background was back in 2010.

Our adorable little furballs :) *squeeeeee*  I miss them :(  Their new owners picked them up this month.

 Aww, happy little Moon Moon

I grabbed this photo from Amie’s Instagram account.  We had merienda with our beloved BS advisers at IRRI one afternoon.  Sir Marvs and Sir Taps are two people I highly respect and look up to :)  Not just for their vast knowledge in the field of Physics and Material Science, but also for their positive outlook in life.  I can only hope to be as optimistic as them one day.

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