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K-drama Review : Boys Over Flowers

After my “You’re Beautiful” obsession, I searched for more Asian dramas to watch.   I’ve always wanted to try watching Boys Over Flowers because I wanted to see what all the hype was about.  Since I was completely obsessed with “You’re Beautiful” when I started watching BOF (and because I already had an idea of what the story was about, having watched “Meteor Garden”) I didn’t think that I would like it that much, but I actually enjoyed it.


The story begins when Geum Jan Di, a “commoner” working at a porridge shop , is offered a swimming scholarship to Shin Hwa high school, a prestigious academy made exclusively for the children of the elite members of society.  This includes the infamous F4, a group of four boys led by the notorious Goo Jun Pyo.  F4 is well known throughout Korea for their good looks and the power they have over society.  When Jan Di’s friend, Oh Min Ji, gets into trouble with Goo Jun Pyo, Jan Di sticks up for her and ends up declaring war against Jun Pyo.  Completely new to the idea of someone standing up to him, Goo Jun Pyo finds Geum Jan Di’s strong will interesting and soon starts to develop feelings for her.


  • Koo Hye Sun as Geum Jan Di
  • Lee Min Ho as Goo Jun Pyo
  • Kim Hyun Joong as Yoon Ji Hoo
  • Kim Bum as So Yi Jung
  • Kim Joon as Song Woo Bin

Extended Cast

  • Kim So Eun as Chu Ga Eul (Jan Di’s best friend)
  • Kim Hyun Joo as Goo Joon Hee (Jun Pyo’s elder sister)
  • Lee Hye Young as Kang Hee Soo (Jun Pyo’s mother)
  • Han Chae Young as Min Seo Hyun (F4’s best friend/Ji Hoo’s ex girl friend)
  • Lee Min Jung as Ha Jae Kyung (JK Group’s CEO’s daughter and Jun Pyo’s fiancee)
  • Lee Jung Gil as Yoon Seok Young (Ji Hoo’s grandfather)
  • Jung Ho Bin as Jung Sang Rok (Kang Hee Soo’s Chief Secretary)

(I’m too lazy to write about all the characters, so I’ll just talk about F4 and Jan Di)

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(EZRA) 20/52: Still Doll

Also forgot to post Ezra’s portrait last week.

Her description:
This week, I went with my sister and her friends to Liliw, a municipality in the province of Laguna here in the Philippines. It’s a place famous for selling low priced, good quality shoes and sandals. I bought a pair of really cute Mary Janes and decided to use it for my SP this week.

I got my title from the ending theme of Vampire Knight’s first season by Wakeshima Kanon.

Thanks a lot to my sister for taking my picture and editing it!


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Week 20/52: I am a question to the world, not an answer to be heard

(Forgot to post this last week)

This wasn’t actually supposed to be my self portrait this week, I just edited it cause I was bored.  I kinda like how it turned out so I’m submitting it.  I shot this last Thursday, right before we left for my grandma’s house for her birthday party.

My tripod broke the other day and I haven’t gotten around to fixing it, so I’ve been having difficulty taking self portraits.  Also, I haven’t had any good ideas for a photo these days.  I think I used up all my creative juices in the three mini-shoots I had this month with my friends.

Anyway, I had fun editing this photo.  It reminded me of my earlier days here on Flickr when I used to be addicted to textures XD

Foliage swirl brushes from

Title from the lyrics of the song “I’m Still Here” by John Rzeznik

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Behind the scenes of Elbi Chic shoot

I’ve mentioned in my Liliw entry that I had a shoot with Moy that morning for her online store (Elbi Chic).  She’s getting rid of all her old stocks by having a huge sale, and she needed pictures of the outfits for her site.

Aprille volunteered to be the creative director/stylist/driver for the shoot.  We were supposed to start around 9am, but hair and makeup took longer than expected.  Moy and Aps picked me up around 10:30 and we headed over to the university to look for some nice locations.  We didn’t really have a specific place in mind, so we drove around and just stopped at random locations that we liked.

(Most of the BTS pictures below were taken by Aprille)

Choosing the first outfit

Aprille watching the car while Moy and I take pictures

Clicking away

Yes, I’m THAT short – *sob*.  But in my defense, Moy’s taller than your average girl, and she’s wearing killer heels in this photo

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(EZRA) 19/52: Up ahead a majestic story awaits

Ezra’s portrait last week.  We’ve all been really busy so I forgot to post it.

Her description:
I was recently watching Jang Geun Suk’s music video “Black Engine” and he had a scene where he was rollerblading so I thought I’d also do an SP of me on rollerblades.

I’m really out of practice, but I still decided not to wear knee pads because it might not look good in pictures, hehe. When my dad saw me going out in my rollerblades without knee pads he immediately told me to wear them because he knows I easily trip and fall down with or without rollerblades, but I told him I’ll just be really careful.

I wanted a picture with a lot of movement, so I kept trying to do different poses while moving even though my sister told me to just stay still.  As expected, while I was doing some maneuvers I fell down which resulted to a really big bruise on my knee.  After that I decided to just keep the movements simple, hehe.

I got the title from the song “One Way” by Sid. Thanks a lot to my sister for taking my picture and editing it!


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Nom Nom Nom : Scorpions for dinner anyone?

(Late post.  I wrote most of this while we were in China last month but forgot about it until now)

Every time my family visits a country, we always feel the need to try out (or at least look at) as many different foods as we can.  This will be my first food post on this blog since it’s still fairly new.  (Some  find it lame when people write about what they ate, but I enjoy talking about and seeing pictures of food so bear with me.)

I’ve mentioned in a past entry that our hotel was just a 2-minute walk to Wangfujing Road, a place famous for shopping and for its “snack street”.  You could find all sorts of exotic food being sold along the side of the road, such as scorpions, snakes, starfish, beetles and even sheep penis.  (Our tour guide told us that Chinese people eat everything on two legs, except for humans – and everything on four legs, except for the table.)  We weren’t daring enough to try all these things, so we just looked around and took pictures.

Wangfujing street stalls.  They open at around 5pm and pack up around 10pm.  We know this because on our 2nd night there we all fell asleep after our tour, and we woke up around 9pm.  We decided to grab dinner at Wangfujing Street because we thought they remained open until around midnight, but just as we passed the third stall, they turned the lights out.  We ended up eating instant noodles in our hotel room for dinner.

Here are some stuff we saw there:

Silk worm cocoons and some stuff with tentacles

Scorpions!  Ezra actually wanted to try these, but each stick contained 3 scorpions.  She only wanted to eat one, and no one was willing to share with her.

Beetles and centipedes on a stick.  The guy grabbing a stick in this picture actually bought one while we were there so we watched him eat it.  He finished the entire thing in about a minute.  I think he bought another stick after that, I’m not sure.

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Lovely Day (Park Shin Hye) : You’re Beautiful OST – piano cover

I’ve already mentioned in my previous entries how much I love the entire “You’re Beautiful” soundtrack, but “Lovely Day” is definitely one of my favorites. I don’t know why, I just feel happy whenever I listen to it :)  Maybe it’s the bouncy melody, or Park Shin Hye’s adorable voice, or the fact that it reminds me of so many sweet scenes from the series.

I actually have two videos of me playing this song.  The one above is the first one I recorded, but I forgot that my camera was set to low so the video quality turned out terrible. I decided to post it anyway since the audio is pretty decent. So instead of seeing my hands you guys get to stare at the A.N.Jell members XD

Although I played it a bit fast, I like this version better since I made more mistakes on the other video.

If (for some reason) you guys want to watch the version where you can see my hands, here’s the link:

Sheets available here: Lovely Day Sheets

Here are some pictures of the A.N.Jell members for you to look at while you listen to the song XD

Cute Jeremy and Tae Kyung


One of my favorite scenes in the series :D  Look at Shin Woo’s face! LOL

Jeremy and Shin Woo

Tae Kyung and Mi Nam – so cute!

A.N.Jell doing weird things

I suddenly want to watch the entire series again~


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Liliw : Slippers slippers slippers!

After my photoshoot with Moya yesterday for her online shop (blog entry to follow), the girls and I headed over to Liliw for some shoe shopping.  We’ve all been to Liliw at least once before but none of us really knew how to get there.  Armed with half a tank of gas and our sense of adventure, we set out to find the Tsinelas (Slipper) Capital of the Philippines.  We had to stop for directions a couple of times along the way, but eventually we made it.

The six of us (Ezra, Brinks, Camille, Aprille, Moy and me) started out shopping together, but we soon went our own ways since everyone was looking for something different (I wanted slippers, Ezra wanted Mary Janes, Brinks wanted wedges, etc).  Aprille, Brinks and Moy went off on their own, leaving Camille, Ezra and I behind.  After a few stores we found Brinks wandering around on her own.  Apparently she got impatient and left Aprille and Moy behind at one of the shops.  She wanted to go off and find the same shop where she bought her wedge sandals from (about two months ago) but we managed to convince her to stick with us instead.

Camille, Ezra, Brinks and Aprille at one of the first shops we stopped at.

After about two hours of trying on shoes, our bags were much heavier and our wallets significantly lighter.  We ran into Aprille and Moya while buying some snacks for pasalubong, and we decided to stay together since we’re all practically done shopping anyway.  All of us were able to find something we liked, even Ezra who’s extremely picky when it comes to shoes.  Camille didn’t really buy anything since she won’t be able to wear them because of hospital dress codes (she’s a medical intern), but she did help us choose which shoes to buy.

Here are the sandals I bought yesterday:

First purchase of the day.  They’re really casual and comfy, great for everyday use.

Camille picked this out for me.  We saw it at one of the first shops we stopped at, but I didn’t buy it at first because I wanted to check out other shops first.  Apparently other stores don’t carry this design (or we didn’t see them) so I ended up going back to the store to buy them.  I wish they had these in brown, but purple’s nice too.

Brinks “picked” this out for me at the same store I bought the purple sandals.  Actually, she wanted to buy them for herself but they were a bit small for her, so I ended up getting them instead.

I normally don’t wear slippers when I go out, but since it’s so hot these days, I feel sorry for my feet when I wear my usual sneakers.  A few weeks ago, I discovered that I don’t own a decent pair of flat slippers that I could casually wear outside.  I’m more of a sneakers girl, and if I do have to wear girly shoes, I usually prefer ones with wedge heels to give me some height (which I badly need).  I’ve been meaning to go shopping for flat slippers for a while now, so this Liliw trip came at the perfect time.

By around 7pm, we decided we’ve all had enough and that we should start heading back home.

Reunited with Aprille and Moy

Group shot before heading home (taken by the guy selling fruit shakes)  I had fun girls!   Sa uulitin! :)


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Week 19/52: One often meets his destiny on the road he takes to avoid it.

Was finally able to use my panda beanie and panda plushie (from my Beijing trip) as props for my 52-week project this week.  (Story behind the plushie and beanie here: China Shopping Experience)

Title is a quote from the Disney film “Kung Fu Panda”.  LOL


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(EZRA) 18/52 : If our love was a story book, we would meet on the very first page

Ezra’s portrait last week was with her boyfriend, Kurt.

Her description:
This is the first time my boyfriend (Kurt) and I are together for our anniversary so we decided to have my sister and her friends take lots of photos of us.

I really had fun on this “shoot” but I felt sorry for Kurt because he’s still adjusting to the hot weather in the Philippines.  It was pretty uncomfortable for him to have the pictures taken outdoors. But it was all worth it because the pictures turned out great! Thanks a lot to Steph for taking the picture and to my sister for editing it.

I got the title from a line in the song “Breathless” by Shayne Ward.



Its been a while since Kurt has seen indian mangoes


Rock on! \m/

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