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Twin Telepathy in Skagway, Alaska – Golden Princess Cruise Day 4

Our ship docked in the small town of Skagway around six that morning.  My uncle, who had gone on this same cruise three times already, advised us to skip the tours since the town isn’t that big.  He told us we can save money by just going out and exploring it ourselves.  Since we didn’t have a strict schedule to follow, we took our sweet time getting up that morning and eating our breakfast (which was actually brunch because it was almost 10am by the time we made it to the Horizon Court).


Most of the people were done with breakfast by then so we were able to get a table by the window


Outside we saw this mountain covered in graffiti.  At first I thought that Skagway had a vandal problem but according to this site, it’s actually the work of the crew members from different ships:

This hill has been “decorated” for years by the crews of different ships that dock nearby. The crews honor their captain by painting the name of the ship and captain on the hill. Legend has it that the higher the name, the more the crew respect and love their captain.


We planned on heading into town between 11am and noon.  We had about an hour to spare so Ezra and I walked around the ship.
DSC04673a (2)

We found this dolphin near the Horizon Court

We went up to the deck to check out the view
DSC04673a (3)

Look at those beautiful snow capped mountains

DSC04673a (3)a

DSC04673a (6)a

DSC04673a (5)

There was another cruise ship docked nearby

At around 11:30, we met up with my parents and got ready to explore the town

A friendly reminder from the crew

Once we got off the ship, we took a few photos as usual


In front of our Golden Princess

IMG_1825a (4)

IMG_1825a (3)

People queued up for the White Pass Scenic Railway Tour







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Juneau, Alaska – Golden Princess Cruise Day 3

Our third day on the ship was my parent’s 30th anniversary.  The crew knew about it beforehand so they prepared a nice little surprise for my parents.  This is what they woke up to that morning:


IMG_1300a (1)

Lovely way to start off their day :D

After taking a few pictures, we headed down to the Horizon Court for a heavy breakfast.  We had a shore excursion that would last until the afternoon and we wanted to make sure we had enough energy for it.  This was going to be our first time off the ship since we boarded, so we were pretty excited.  Our tour was going to take us to the Glacier Gardens, the Mendenhall Glacier, and the Macauley Salmon Hatchery.  We were instructed to wait at the Princess Theater for a quick briefing before getting off the boat. We got there early so we passed the time by taking few photos and videos.

IMG_1310a (2)

IMG_1310a (3)

Shortly after this, a crew member appeared to give us some instructions for our tour.  After she was done, we were asked to queue up to disembark the ship.

IMG_1310a (6)

The line moved very slowly~  I think they mentioned that they had a little problem with the gangway.

IMG_1310a (7)

Ezra and I got tired of standing in line and just collapsed on the floor

Finally, after a bit of waiting, we were able to get off the ship:

IMG_1310a (8)


 Once we made it outside, we looked for our bus where we met our driver/tour guide.  His name was Nico Bus, how cool is that.  He drives a bus, and his last name is Bus.  At first I thought he was trolling, but he was telling the truth XD


 Hi Nico!

I took some pictures of the beautiful sights outside my bus window on the way to the Glacier Gardens:







After a short drive, we made it to the Glacier Gardens:


Nico introduced us to another guide who would be showing us around the garden.  He took us to see these upside down trees:


IMG_1352a (1)

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A day out at sea : Golden Princess Cruise Day 2

The second day of our Alaskan Cruise was spent on board the Golden Princess.  They called it a “Sea Day”.  We had no port stops, so Ezra and I grabbed the chance to catch up on some sleep before heading to the Horizon Court for a late breakfast.  Our parents were already there and halfway through their meal by the time we caught up with them.




Ezra looks like she’s jealous of my dad’s plate of fruits


After breakfast, we decided to walk around the ship to see the activities that were being held


Since it was Mother’s Day, we spotted a few tables selling flowers for the moms

Before heading out to the ship’s deck, we stopped by the shore excursion counter to buy tickets for our upcoming stops

DSC04072a (3)

DSC04072a (4)

We would be stopping at Juneau the next day so my dad signed us up for a tour of the Mendenhall Glaciers

DSC04072a (5)

Afterwards we checked out this art gallery to look at some paintings.  (Picture taking was not allowed so this is all I have to show for it.)


We also passed by the Piazza where we found several people participating in an egg dropping competition. We stayed to watch for a while before heading out to the ship’s deck


In front of the large screen at the outdoor theater where they showed movies at nightDSC04077a



It was pretty cold outside, so we snuggled to keep each other warm

DSC04119a (3)

We ran into a group of Thai tourists who asked my dad to help them take a few photos

Since we were on a ship, we couldn’t let the opportunity to recreate the scene from Titanic pass us by

DSC04119a (7)

DSC04119a (4)

We even got our parents to do it XD

DSC04119a (9)

It was harder than it looked so we ended up just standing on the railing while holding each other

DSC04119a (6)

We also checked out The Sanctuary – a quiet little haven for people who want a place to “escape”


There was an entrance fee, but the guard was kind enough to let us take a peek inside since there was no one there


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Alaskan Cruise Day 1 : All Aboard the Golden Princess!

For my parent’s 30th wedding anniversary, they decided to take the family on an 8-day Alaskan Cruise.  It was Ezra’s and my first cruise, so we were pretty excited.  I already wrote an entry about the overall experience back in June (which you can read HERE) but I decided to make a separate entry for each day anyway.  This is for Day 1.  I also posted a vlog for this day, which you can view HERE.

Our cruise started in Seattle so we had to fly in from Los Angeles.  Our flight was at 6am which meant we had to leave the house around 4.  Flying time was about 3 hours, and I tried to use it to catch up on some sleep.




Our plane

I sorta wish we got to ride on the cute Disney plane though



We arrived in Seattle at around 9am

We made arrangements to have a shuttle take us to the port, which we waited for outside



We brought our coats with us because naturally we expected Alaska to be cold.  Ezra couldn’t fit hers in her bag, and she didn’t want to carry it anymore so she decide to just wear it.  She looks like a fluffy Eskimo

Soon our shuttle arrived to take us to the pier





Boarding time wasn’t until noon so we had to wait outside for a bit

IMG_0857a (3)

It was pretty cold and we ended up having to all wear our coats

We took a few pictures of our ship while waiting:





The bridge (I think)

At around 11am they started allowing guests to check in. We already had our luggage tags prepared so we simply dropped our bags off and proceeded to boarding




A staff member checked our documents and took our passports.  Afterwards he gave us our cruise cards and a map of the ship


Your cruise card is very important during your cruise.  It serves as your room key, credit card and identification while you are on board.

After about 30 minutes of waiting around, it was finally time for us to board



Selfie while standing in line

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Alaskan Cruise Vlog #1 : Golden Princess

My parents just came back from their Japan cruise the other day, so I figured it was about time I shared this video here on my blog. This is a vlog of our first day on the Golden Princess back in May.  Ezra and I took a lot of footage while we were on our cruise, and I decided to start editing them last month.  I haven’t had much experience when it comes to video editing, so don’t expect any fancy stuff.  I basically just cut the footage which I thought would be interesting, threw in some subtitles, music and voila!  Eet izz done~

The video mostly contains Ezra and my crazy antics while we were on the boat.  We were a little hyper because it was our first cruise experience.

If you’re interested, Kurt made two other videos of our whole Alaskan Cruise experience which you can check out HERE.

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SKDR Films : Alaskan Cruise #1

Hello everyone!  Just thought I’d share more videos that Kurt made.  These are from our Alaskan Cruise last May.  He didn’t come with us on the cruise, but Ezra and I took lots of footage and dumped them on him as soon as we got back to Los Angeles.  He painstakingly went through them all and put these together.

Our cruise took us to Juneau, Skagway, Ketchikan, Glacier Bay, British Colombia and Seattle.  It was an amazing experience.  Hopefully I’ll be able to go on another cruise someday :)

The first video is more fun and upbeat, and the second one has a more relaxed feel to it.  They’re both awesome but I especially love the second one.  I think it really captured the mood of our whole trip and it makes me really miss Alaska.

Thanks Kurt for taking the time to put these videos together!  We really appreciate it :D

You can read more about our cruise experience HERE.

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A Magical Day at Disney California Adventure

Last May, Kurt surprised Ezra and me with two tickets to Disney’s California Adventure.  He told us that the tickets were his birthday gift to us.  Ezra had just celebrated her birthday the month before, but my birthday wasn’t until September, which was 4 months away.  I wasn’t about to turn down free tickets to California Adventure, so if Kurt wanted to give me his gift months in advance, then so be it :D


Our ticket receipts.  Kurt paid for them online but we had to go to the ticket booth at the park to claim them.

We left the house early that morning to make it in time for the park’s opening





Cute signs with Disney characters in the parking lot

We parked in the covered structure, but I noticed that they also had this HUGE parking lot outside


We made our way over the the trams, which we had to ride in order to get to the park’s entrance


The last time Ezra and I were in California Adventure was back in 2006.  She had just turned 18 so my parents took us there that summer to celebrate. I remember there used to be huge stone letters which spelled “CALIFORNIA” at the entrance.  Apparently they’re gone now.


Entrance to the park
We took a couple of pictures with the GoPro before going inside

IMG_0349a (2)

This guy was very interested in our monopod and jumped in the shot with us:

IMG_0349a (3)

Hello fellow Disney lover :D


Got our map and tickets ready. Let’s do this!


Our first stop of the day was the gift shop. When we were younger, Ezra and I would be jealous of the little girls we saw walking around the park wearing Minnie Mouse ears. Our parents would never get them for us because they thought it was a waste of money. Now that Ezra and I are earning our own money, there was nothing to stop us from getting them for ourselves :D


There were loads of designs to choose from!  We had a lot of fun trying on different styles and figuring out which ones to get.


Ezra and Kurt thought the bride and groom ears were cute

After playing around for a while, we walked our with our new set of ears


In the end Ezra went with the classic Minnie Mouse ears while I chose something a little fancier.  (Yes, I paid more than I would have liked and I haven’t worn them again since this day, but look how adorable they are!)

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