Early morning thoughts

I don’t normally blog about such trivial stuff, but I’m bored, so forgive me.

I’ve been snoozing my alarm for 40 minutes now, I hope my roommate’s not annoyed. She’s a heavy sleeper, so I don’t think she minds.

I’m meeting Brinks and some Flickr people later tonight. I’m excited … sorta. Imean I am, but I’m really homesick too. I have to stay one extra night here in the city so I can meet up with them. But at least Brinks will be sleeping over, so I’ll have someone with me tomorrow when I head back to LB.

I have to stay for 5 days here in my apartment again next week. Stupid SEM. We weren’t able to finish our exercise last Wednesday because it wasn’t calibrated properly, so we’re going to try again next Wednesday T__T I’m secretly hoping it remains uncalibrated by then, so I’ll have a reason to not go to UPD then. But …

Also, Ckloy texted me (thru Kuya Thirdy) that he can’t use his old number anymore. Na-PUK ang sim nya! How am I supposed to contact him now? And I was gonna ask him to go with me to the Flickr meet-up tonight (and tell him about my bad dream).

Yes, I had a nightmare last night. Its been a while since I had one so bad that I woke up in cold sweat. Come to think about it, it’s not even that bad (compared to other dreams I’ve had). What makes it scary is how realistic it is, and how it can really happen in real life. Maybe it’s a warning? I gotta be careful today I guess. (Which is why I want Ckloy with me tonight!!~ Must find a way to reach him!)

Also, I think Yamapi looks best when he’s running. (Watching Code Blue right now.  Pi as a doctor, naysu~)

Anyway~ I think I should start getting ready. One hour till my class starts. Jya~

EDIT: Brinks texted me to tell me to tell me to bring my stuff with me so we can go back to LB tonight, weeeee~  She’s sick so she probably shouldn’t be commuting.  Which means I get a free ride home, mwahaha~ (Get well soon Kup!)

Also, I HATE THIS TIME OF MONTH!  I’m so irritable!  Grrrrrr~

(EZRA) 4/52: Flying To Your Soul

Ezra’s week 4 🙂 I lent her my hat for her portrait this week, hehehe.

Digitally composed image.  I shot the helicopter first, then Ezra.  Then I put the two images together in Photoshop (which explains the perfect placement of the helicopter XD).

Here’s Ezra’s description:

I finally watched the first episode of Code Blue’s second season and Yamapi looks really good with his new hairstyle.

Code Blue is a Japanese tv series about four flight doctor trainees starring Yamashita Tomohisa (Yamapi). They ride the helicopter a lot in the series, that’s why when I saw a remote control helicopter flying around in the mall it made me want to buy one. My sister found it really weird when I said I wanted one of those because she thinks I’m too old for one, hehe. She figured that I’ll probably get tired of it after playing with it for a few days. I was actually deciding whether to buy the remote control helicopter or a pair of boots. They were pretty much the same price, but I decided to buy the helicopter even if it’s a little bit more expensive than the boots. I’m so glad I bought the helicopter because it’s a lot of fun watching it fly around my room, hehe.

I got the title from a song in the playstation game “Bust a Groove 1.” Thanks to my sister for taking my picture, editing it and lending me her hat!

Week 4/52: KUPO!

I bought this moogle beanie at Otaku Expo last Saturday.  (Blog entry about that to follow as soon as I finish sorting the pictures)

In case you’re wondering, moogles are creatures from the Final Fantasy series.  Their appearance changes during the series, but generally they’re small creatures with white fur.  They have wings (which can be purple, red or pink) and a red “pom pom” on top of their head.  They also love saying the word “KUPO”

Back in highschool (or was it college?  I can’t really remember), Brinks and I played FF9 at the same time and got addicted to the moogles. We’ve been calling each other “Kupo” since then ^___^

I ordered the moogle plushie I’m holding from Japan (c/o Kurt, hehe).  I also got one for Brinks as a birthday present last year 🙂 (Sorry I wasn’t able to get you a beanie Kup~)

Another shot:

I actually shot this first (and edited it already) when I decided it looked too plain. So I decided to add the plushie ^___^

Coffee Mugs : Fun with clay

I’m really enjoying my GEOL297 (Clay Mineralogy) class.  It’s an elective being taught by my adviser, so I decided to sign up for it.  It’s the same subject that I had to go on a fieldwork for.

I like how the course is being taught, its a lot different from my other classes.  There’s only six students, so instead of meeting in a boring classroom, my professor suggested that we hold classes in the conference room.  Since there’s so few of us, we feel more confident when we participate in the class discussions.  My professor is also open to suggestions made by the class.

One of our classmates, Ma’am Rita, is a faculty at the College of Fine Arts.  She’s a ceramic artist who wants to learn more about clay.  Since she has access to the ceramic studio, we decided to let our artistic side go wild for a change.  So today, instead of holding regular classes, we headed off to Ma’am Rita’s studio and made our own coffee mugs ^___^

First Ma’am Rita taught us how to knead the clay (which was a lot harder than it looked when she did it).  Then she taught us two methods on how we can make our mugs.  She also taught us how to use the potter’s wheel, which was crazy.  It looks so easy when you see someone use it, but it’s a lot trickier than I thought.  I couldn’t make anything, my clay kept wanting to go in different directions.  In the end, I just gave up.   At least I got to experience it.

Anyway, here are some pictures I took during our workshop.  Low quality since they were taken by my phone.  I only got a few shots since my hands were covered with clay most of the time.

Some of the tools we used for making the mugs


My mug, finally starting to take some shape


I added wings instead of handles, hahaha.  I added a heart in the middle later on as well ❤

(ang kengkoy daw ng gawa ko sabi ni Ckloy, hahaha)


Having fun at the potter’s wheel 🙂


I also made some pendants and keychains with my excess clay, but I wasn’t able to take pictures of them.  We’re letting them dry right now.  Ma’am Rita will put them in the furnace when they’re ready.  Then after that we can add a glaze to make our mugs shiny.  I hope we can paint them too 🙂

Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge

I’ve been addicted to this anime lately. Its just so refreshing and funny. The plot’s different from most of the highschool anime I’ve seen (not that I’ve seen a lot, just ones recommended by friends).

The story revolves around a girl named Nakahara Sunako, and four (incredibly handsome) guys:

Takano Kyouhei (the violent hottie that girls worship)


Oda Takenaga (the intellectual prince)

Touyama Yukinojo (the cutie pie often mistaken for a girl)


and Morii Ranmaru (the playboy who can win over any girl … except Sunako)

The four boys live together in a mansion that is ran by Sunako’s aunt. The mansion’s amazing, so the rent is expensive, but she offers them a deal. If they can turn her niece into the perfect Japanese young lady, then she’ll allow them to live there for free. The four boys instantly accept the deal, not knowing that Sunako is a strange girl who loves the darkness, horror movies and anything that can be considered “scary” (such as her anatomy models, which she named Hiroshi, Akira and Josephine).

Of course the combination of the four “dazzling” boys and the “gloomy” girl leads to all kinds of comedic scenes.  I especially love Sunako’s exaggerated nosebleeds whenever she’s exposed to the “dazzling” creatures XD  She’s so cute~

Normally the anime shows her as a chibi character, to emphasize the comedy I suppose

But occasionally she becomes this cool beauty that can fight for what she wants:


There’s also the semi-love story between Kyohei and Sunako.  I like it since its different from other love stories out there.  Their relationship is far from romantic (more on comedic).  But they do have their moments:


I started watching this anime years ago, but I never finished it (I found the story a bit weird at first).  When I heard that they’re making a live action version (with Kame, Tegoshi and Uchi from JE) I decided to continue watching it.  I’m on episode 16 right now 🙂

My sister and I watched the first episode of the live action earlier today and we loved it 😀  They changed some parts of the story and added some new characters, so its not exactly like the anime, which is actually a good thing.  This way, people who’ve seen the animated version won’t be bored when they watch it.

(I’m a bit unsure about the casting though.  Although I love Kame, I wasn’t sure he would be able to pull of Kyohei.  Kame’s cute, but I don’t really consider him “hot”.  I always imagined Ikuta Toma or even Uchi for that role.  Kame would have been better of as Ranmaru. But after seeing the first episode, I decided he’s alright.  He’s a good actor at least.)

Anyway, I hope the live action will do the anime justice.  I can’t wait for episode two! ^___^ (The raw file is out, but we’re waiting for the subs)

Catanduanes Trip + Week 3/52: “Here in the shadows I am pursued. Until the ends of the earth.” – HYDE

(First SP using my Sony digicam, hahaha!)

I spent the last week being terribly homesick. I had to go on a fieldwork so I couldn’t go home over the weekend 😦

I had to go to Catanduanes for one of my classes (Clay Mineralogy) to collect some samples for testing. I didn’t want to go at first (10 hours by van plus 3 hours by boat, not my idea of fun), but it turned out alright. Plus I didn’t get seasick, so yay! (I closed my eyes the entire time and kept my headphones on. The three girls in front of me kept throwing up nonstop, eeek~ “Inspiring” nga daw sabi ni Ma’am Rita, hahaha.  Muntik na rin daw sila bumigay ni Sir.)

It felt sorta like a vacation, except we would stop every once in a while to collect bags of clay. There were only 6 of us in the class, so it was easy to talk to everyone. One of the faculty members from the National Institute of Geological Sciences used his connections with the governor, so we were able to get free food and lodging at Twin Rock Resort. It’s lovely over there, they have their own private beach. Plus I love the weather, nice and cool.  The breeze felt amazing.

On the way home we stopped by Mayon Volcano. I was able to try their Zip line, hihihi. It was fun, but I wish it was longer.

My self portrait this week was taken on our first day there at one of the sites we went to for sample collection. While my professor was busy collecting clay, I asked Amie to help out with my SP for this week. Thanks Amie! (I look a little tired in this photo. This was right after 13 hours of travel, so you can’t really blame me XD)

Overall, I had a great time.  Some things to add to my list of memorable experiences:

1. First MS fieldwork, weee~  😀  I hardly went on any field trips during college, we spent most of our days in the lab doing experiments.  I only had one fieldtrip during my entire 4 years of college.

2. Not getting seasick on the boat while the people around me kept throwing up.  It was my first Ro-Ro experience too!  Thank goodness for Bonamine.  As we were getting off the boat, the I saw that the ground was filled with plastic bags filled with vomit, gross~ *shudders*

3.  I had my first tequilla and vodka shots on this trip  (with my adviser pa ha! hahahaha).  Ma’am Rita taught us how to make tequilla slammers.

4. Going night swimming at the (extremely dark) beach while slightly drunk/tipsy.  Probably wasn’t the best idea, but it was fun 😀

5. Having to pee really badly with no public restrooms in sight (we were collecting samples on the field).  We had to ask a random stranger to let us use the bathroom in their house.   Thankfully the people there were all really nice and hospitable.

6.  Walking around the resort carrying my laptop, trying desperately to find a place where my SmartBro could connect to the internet.  Unfortunately, the entire resort was a dead spot.  Even my cellphone was useless at that place.  But I guess it’s good since it gave me a chance to really appreciate the beach and the place around me (since I had nothing else to do).

7. Trying out the Zipline they had at (near?) Mayon Volcano 😀

Anyway, here are a few photos from the trip that I’d like to share with you guys.

In the van with Amie, preparing for the 10 hour drive ahead of us.  Still all smiles, hahaha.


With Ma’am Rita. Finally arrived at Twin Rock resort in Catanduanes.


Our rooms/cottages.  That’s my adviser standing on the terrace, hehe.  Hi Sir!


My adviser taking photos of the landscape.


Members of the class.  All girls kami, wala kasi si Russel e, hehehe. It’s extremely windy over there

L-R: Yojh, Flo, Amie, Carmi, Ma’am Rita


rocks, rocks, rocks


The beach at our resort

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(EZRA) 3/52: Impractical Dreamer

My sister’s Coraline-inspired portrait for this week 😀

Here’s her description:

I recently watched “Coraline” and I really like it a lot especially the soundtrack. It’s about a girl named Coraline who dreamt of a better world. She then discovered a parallel world where everything is like a dream come true by going through a small door hidden behind the wallpaper in her house. However, Coraline later discovered that all the good things in the alternate world come with a price.

I’m actually wearing a (black) wig in this picture because I tried my best to copy Coraline’s hair (but failed because that’s already the shortest wig that I have, hehe). Thanks to Photoshop (and my sister) for making it blue, hehe. In the movie everyone in the alternate world had buttons for eyes.

I’m really hooked on this Japanese band called “Sid” right now.  I love their music music video titled “Sweet?” (released in 2005).  My pose was inspired by that video.

Thanks to my sister for taking the picture and editing it!

We borrowed the buttons from my grandma.  She has a lot of them, hehe.  Initially we tried to make it so that Ezra would have one normal eye, and one replaced with a button. But I couldn’t get it right in Photoshop (it always ended up looking fake) so we gave up.