(EZRA) 4/52: Flying To Your Soul

Ezra’s week 4 🙂 I lent her my hat for her portrait this week, hehehe.

Digitally composed image.  I shot the helicopter first, then Ezra.  Then I put the two images together in Photoshop (which explains the perfect placement of the helicopter XD).

Here’s Ezra’s description:

I finally watched the first episode of Code Blue’s second season and Yamapi looks really good with his new hairstyle.

Code Blue is a Japanese tv series about four flight doctor trainees starring Yamashita Tomohisa (Yamapi). They ride the helicopter a lot in the series, that’s why when I saw a remote control helicopter flying around in the mall it made me want to buy one. My sister found it really weird when I said I wanted one of those because she thinks I’m too old for one, hehe. She figured that I’ll probably get tired of it after playing with it for a few days. I was actually deciding whether to buy the remote control helicopter or a pair of boots. They were pretty much the same price, but I decided to buy the helicopter even if it’s a little bit more expensive than the boots. I’m so glad I bought the helicopter because it’s a lot of fun watching it fly around my room, hehe.

I got the title from a song in the playstation game “Bust a Groove 1.” Thanks to my sister for taking my picture, editing it and lending me her hat!


2 thoughts on “(EZRA) 4/52: Flying To Your Soul

  1. Great Work, especially blending all the elements together, it doesn’t look like a composite at all, the lighting on the helicopter machetes the same light as on Ezra’s face(did I get the name right?). I also like the concept and the cool feel to the photo!

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