It should be pretty obvious by now how muchI love photography.  My dad gave me my first camera when I was 10 years old.  I can’t remember what model it was, I just know he got it in Hong Kong and I loved it.  I used it for 3 years I think.  After that I upgraded to an Olympus (still can’t remember the model) that I had a lot of fun with since it came with a remote control.  After my two film cameras, I switched to digital, which I enjoyed a lot more, especially after discovering Photoshop.  I tell people I’m more of a “photoshopper”  than a photographer.  I don’t have the studio or the equipment that other photographers have, so I mostly rely on Photoshop to enhance my photos.  I admire good photographers who work with film and get amazing results because, personally, I know I can’t live without Photoshop.

I’ve always wanted to take a photography course and see how photos are developed in a darkroom.  In the past, although I used a film camera, all I had to do was take my roll of film to the shop and it’ll be ready in a few days.  Nowadays its even easier, I just plug my memory card in my laptop and voila!  My pictures are ready. I’ve always been curious to see the magic that happens during photo development.

Luckily, Kurt took a photography subject last semester so he had access to his school’s photo lab.  On our visit to California last December, he took Ezra and me to his school and showed us how the entire process works, from loading the film to cutting the pictures.  Of course I documented the whole thing 😀

First step was to take your film and load it in your camera (duh).  Kurt uses a Nikon something that he got on eBay just for this one subject of his.

Smile for the camera~

We went out and took some photos around Kurt’s school.  I also had Rebel with me so I was able to get some shots (see some of them here).

By lunchtime, we’ve used up all of the film and it was ready to be developed, so we headed off to the photo lab.

Weeee~  I was so excited at this point.

Kurt borrowed some materials he needed to get the film ready to be developed.

stuff he needed

Showing us the proper way to roll the film in the metal thingy.  Kurt told us it would be too dark inside the loading room for us to actually see what he’s doing, so he gave us a demo before we went inside.

Film loading room

Inside, with the lights still on.

Getting all the stuff ready and within reach.  It was pitch black in there, so its best if you memorized where everything was before turning the lights off.

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(EZRA) 8/52: Jumping to my dream

Ezra’s week 8.

Another photomanipulation.  I took pictures of her jumping around in our garage.  The grass is from a shot of our garden and the picture of the sky was taken last December 🙂

I painted her hair using Paint Tool SAI.

Her description:

My sister suggested that I wear a bright colored shirt in this shoot to make it more "happy".  It really narrowed down my choice of clothes because nearly all of my clothes are dark. She told me to just borrow a shirt from her closet, but I remembered that I have one pink shirt which I hardly wear, so this shoot was the perfect opportunity for me to wear it.

I got the title from a song by Hey!Say!JUMP.

Thanks to my sister for taking my picture and editing it!

Poupee outfits last week:

My fave’s the one in the middle 🙂  I got a new wallpaper too, weeeee~

Week 8/52: Listening and dancing to the beat of my heart + Food Trip

Last SP for this month.  Time seems to be flying by.

I just realized that I wore red in 3 out of 4 of my February portraits this year, hehe.

My paper hearts from last week are still alive and are still hanging on my wall (yes, I’m lazy), so I decided to use them this week again (well, one of them).  Also, my Skullcandy headset lives!  I hardly use it these days, so I decided to at least include it in my SP this week.

I love my red dress.  I bought it last week for Brinky’s parents’ 25th anniversary party.  I got it really cheap too, hihi.  The headset costs about 15 times more than the dress XD

Thanks Ezra for taking the shot 🙂  And for lending me your boots (which didn’t make it into the picture).  We were supposed to do an outdoor shoot of me in my dress, but some workers arrived to fix the wall at our house, so we had to shoot inside instead.


Yesterday our family had lunch at Dad’s/Saisaki/Kamayan.  It’s been over a year since I last ate there.  I try to stay away from the place because Raffy and I got food poisoning the last time we had lunch there.  We don’t really know what it was that made us sick since we had the same thing every one else did.  We probably chanced upon a bad batch of sushi T__T

Anyway, I tried to stop myself from going to the sushi bar yesterday, since I didn’t want to risk getting sick again, but everything looked too good.  I figured, getting sick for a few days should be worth it, hehe.

My food:

We enjoyed the chocolate fountain, hihi.  I dared Raffy to dip his sushi in there, but he was too chicken, mwahahaha~  The staff would probably kick us out and ban us from the place.

Raffy, Ezra and me with the singing dudes behind us.

Luckily, I didn’t get sick this time.  It’s been 24 hours and I feel perfectly fine, weeeee~

After lunch, Dad dropped me off at my apartment while everyone else went shopping at Greenhills, huhu.

Amie texted me to say that she wouldn’t be coming that night T__T   Having dinner alone is not one of my favorite things in the word, so I texted Moy to ask if she wanted to get together, since we weren’t able to meet up last week like we planned.

She picked me up in front of Bo’s Cafe in Katipunan after my class (around 9pm).  She was stressed out from all her exams, so we headed over to Eastwood for some shopping.   I was hoping to meet up with Ckloy there, but it was already late and he had gone home already.

Moy and I at My Thai Kitchen (or My Thai Tchen as she called it, hihi)

Moy, looking like a kid, with her camera 🙂


(That pattern on the wall made me so dizzy.  It’s like one of those 3D magic things I used to enjoy when I was a kid.  It’s cute, but distracting.)

After dinner Moy and I walked around the mall to detoxify.  She bought some new shirts at Just G.  She also took me to see her new apartment and lent me “Confessions of a Shopaholic”.

Thanks Moy!  I had fun last night 🙂

Etude House Haul + Review + Nail Art

I really should stop going to this store.  My savings have started suffering ever since I discovered The Etude House T__T  I just can’t help myself, I want everything they have in there!  It’s gotten even worse ever since Ezra started liking the store too after seeing it in the Korean drama “You’re Beautiful”.

Anyway, our family went to Megamall this morning to have lunch with some relatives at Saisaki/Dad’s.  And of course, no trip to Megamall is complete without a visit to The Etude House, but this time I was there for a specific reason.  Brinks asked me to get her a tube of the BB Magic Cream I’ve been telling her about.  I promised myself that was all I’m going to buy today … which of course didn’t happen.

Here’s my haul for today:

Two bottles of nailpolish and some nail art stickers.  I’ve never tried any type of nail art before (at least I don’t think so), and I’ve always been curious about those nail stickers.  I see them all the time when I buy something since they’re right next to the register, so I decided to try them out.

Apricot stick #3.  This thing smells so good!  I love it~  And the color’s really nice too.  I’ve been looking for a substitute to my Burt’s Bees tinted lip balm (my favorite lip product right now), and this looks promising.  And it’s only P198, weeeee~

EDIT: I’ve been using this for over a month now and I still love it.  I just wish it was more moisturizing on my lips, like my Burt’s Bees lip balm.  But other than that it’s great 😀


Fresh Nailwash Safe: Nail color remover.  I normally use Sally Hansen’s nail polish remover and it works well for me, but I’ve heard good reviews about this product so I decided to try it out.  The thing I love most about it is the smell.  It doesn’t have that strong chemical smell that most nail polish removers have.  I mean it still smells like nail polish remover, but it doesn’t burn my nostrils as much as the others.  It also leaves a sweet fruity (?) scent on your nails after you use it.  This also comes in blue, which supposedly has a different scent, but when I tried it at the store they smelled the same, so I went for the pink one.  The best part?  It’s only P78!

And of course, Brinks’ BB cream.  I’ve been using this for about 2 months now and I love it.  It evens out my skin tone and covers up my blemishes pretty well.  It also gives my skin that dewy effect 🙂

BB stands for “blemish balm”.  Basically, this product is supposed to conceal your blemishes, and at the same time, improve your skin complexion.  Skin care and makeup in one product, wow~

When I first started using it, I started getting pimples on my forehead, so I thought I was allergic to it.  I’ve read reviews where people claim to have broken out because of certain BB creams (though I haven’t come across reviews saying that Etude’s BB cream caused them to break out).  It made me so sad because I was excited about this product.  But, because I didn’t want my money to go to waste, I continued using it, hoping that my breakout was just due to my period.  After a while, my pimples started to clear up, so I guess it the BB cream wasn’t to blame, phew!  I still get breakouts once a month, but I’m pretty sure its due to hormones (since they happen right before my period) and not my BB cream.

I love how it looks on my skin, but I’m not really sure about the skin care part of it.  So far I haven’t seen any drastic improvements in my skin, but Ckloy’s been telling me that my acne scars have lightened and that my skin’s much clearer now. Weeee~  (Although that could just be because the BB cream conceals my scars pretty well)

EDIT: (Additional info)  I’ve given Brinks her BB cream and she told me it doesn’t work as well for her as it does for me.  Even after applying it to her face, she still needs to wear concealer to hide her pimple scars.  I’m fine with just using this on my face, it hides my scars well so concealer is not necessary for me.  So I guess it all depends on your skin, whether this will be good or not.  She also claims to have problems with pimples after using it, but it could also be due to the fact that she’s extremely stressed these days.  Who knows?  Maybe it just doesn’t suit her skin

Also, I’ve recently read somewhere that this specific product from Etude House is not really meant for skincare, more on makeup.  They said that if you want the BB cream with better skin care, its better to go for Etude House’s Precious Minerals BB Cream, which is a bit more expensive.  I’m not sure if this is true, since everything on the box is written in Korean.  Like I said, I haven’t seen drastic changes in my skin, but I noticed that I’ve been getting less pimples than I used to (except when *that* time of the month comes around).

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Mud + Shoes + Dessert

My professor is away this week, so we didn’t have our usual Clay Mineralogy lecture yesterday.  Instead, we headed off to Ma’am Rita’s ceramic studio again to process some clay that she had.  We were actually supposed to glaze the mugs that we made last time (see entry here), but they haven’t been placed in the furnace yet, so we couldn’t do that yet.

Amie and I arrived late for our class since we both overslept that morning.  When we got there, Ma’am Rita, Flo and Camry had already started weighing the different kinds of clay and mixing them together.  Ma’am Rita informed us that we were making 50 kg of “Iloito” clay, a mixture of 4 (5?) different types of clay in specific proportions.  Sieving through the clay and mixing them together was hard work, my arms are still sore right now.   My legs also, since we had to crouch for a long time.

Ma’am Rita and Camry getting the clay ready for weighing


Amie, Flo and Ma’am Rita mixing the clay together


Flo and I, still mixing.


After weighing the clay powders, we added water and mixed them together using our feet.  It was fun, but harder than I thought.

stomp stomp stomp

You can probably imagine how dirty our feet were after this.

Ma’am Rita told us that this process is called “dry mixing”.  She also taught us how “wet mixing” works, but we didn’t have time to try it for ourselves.

After working with clay, we all grabbed a quick lunch, and I met up with Camille at TriNoma.  She helped me pick out my new shoes:

Aren’t they kyoooot?  I got them 50% off too, hihi

I’ve been looking for wedge sandals since last week, but it’s so hard to find shoes that fit me.

Since I made Camille go all the way to Trinoma, I treated her to some Krazy Krepes.

We walked around for a bit more, then decided to have some frozen yogurt before going home, so we dropped by White Hat.


Thanks Camille for dropping me off at the bus terminal!  I had fun~  Good luck on your exams!

My 52-week journey through 2009

A lot of people have been asking me about my 52-week project, so I hope this answers some questions.

When I started my 52 week project on Flickr, I didn’t really think much of it.  I’ve always been pretty vain, so taking one self portrait a week sounded too easy for me.  I had no idea how much effort I would soon be putting into it.

I didn’t want to upload just any random snapshot of me, I considered Flickr an art site afterall (although I know many people also use it for hosting photos).  Every week I struggled to come up with new ideas and concepts.  I have no idea how the people who do 365 can handle it.  I can’t imagine having to be creative every day.

My very first self portrait was shot in my room, just like 90% of all my other SPs.  It was just a spur of the moment thing.  I had joined the 52 weeks group on Flickr months ago, hoping to be inspired by the pictures other members had posted.  But my laziness got the better of me, and I kept putting off taking my first portrait.  Then, one day, in the first week of January, I found myself sitting on my bed, bored out of my mind.  The holidays were almost over, none of my friends were online and I had nothing to do.  I spotted my dad’s tripod (now mine) in the corner of my room.  We had used it to take family photos on New Year’s eve.  How it found itself in my room, I have no idea.  And so, I set up my camera and got ready to take my first photo.

I had no theme in mind, no clue as to how I wanted my portrait to look.  I spotted my then-new University hoodie on my bed and my new Skullcandy headset (a Christmas present from my parents) and decided use them as props.  I wore my hoodie over my nighty (yes, I was in my pajamas at the time),  put the headset on and started taking photos.  I had no remote at the time, so I had to do the infamous 10-second dash (over and over again).  I had to pose with my knees bent too, just so my head would be in the frame (I didn’t know the tripod could be adjusted so the camera would be higher up, doink~).  After running about 20 times to the tripod and back, I found a shot that I liked.  It was a simple portrait, nothing really special about it, but I was satisfied.

Week 1/52: Listen to my soul

This was pretty much how my routine went every week. Most of the time I wouldn’t know what to do.  I relied on the themes set by different groups on Flickr to come up with ideas.  Almost all of my self portraits were shot in my room, in the exact same position where I shot my first portrait.  Most of the time I shot them wearing pajamas too (I like taking my SP as soon as I wake up, the lighting’s usually best at that time), I would just wear a decent top and crop my lower body out of the photo.  Pretty soon I decided to get a remote, so no more 10-second dash for me.  In the rare instances when my tripod wasn’t enough, I relied on other people to take the picture for me (Ezra, Brinks, Ckloy, Kurt and John). Ocassionally I would be able to take a portrait outside my room, sometimes even out of the country!

Week 44/ 52: “Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.” (taken in Macau)

Week 51/52: From Heaven I fall … bright as an angel … light as a feather (taken at Big Bear Mt., California)


Week 52/52: Finding out a galaxy of planets and stars within me. Listening to each of them singing the same silent melody (taken at Mt. Charleston, Las Vegas)

My last two portraits were “international SP’s” (as Brinks called them).  The very last photo was taken by my cousin’s husband, John, a professional photographer (check out his website here).  He takes hundreds of photos of his two kids, CJ and McKayla.  I found a photobook of CJ in his house and I thought it was amazing, so I decided to have my 52 week project printed out as well.  He introduced me to mypublisher, which is great for creating your own photobook.  You can place your orders online and they ship the book to your house.  I rushed to complete my 52nd portrait so I can make the holiday shipping.

My photobook arrived at my aunt’s house on December 29. 2009.  My mom woke me up to tell me that it arrived!  I rushed downstairs to open it.

Dirty MyPublisher box 🙂


Me with my book (pardon the messy hair and swollen eyes, I stayed up all night watching Zettai Kareshi.  Christmas toe socks FTW!)

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CLICK: It’s here!!~

Look what was waiting for me on my desk when I arrived home yesterday:

Inside: my new camera necklace, weeeee~

I luff it ❤

I’ve been waiting for this for about a week now.  It was shipped via registered airmail.   I was so worried that it would get lost in the mail.  Packages seem to lose their way to our house (amazingly bills manage to get here just fine T__T).  My cousin in the states have sent me a lot of stuff that I never got 😦  Even greeting cards never make it here.  But my dad assured me that registered airmail should be fine.

My mom said it arrived on Friday, they just forgot to text me to tell me that they got it.  I was so happy to see it on my desk yesterday.  Phew~