Hair … Teeth … Skin

I cut my bangs today!   I was really nervous while I was cutting my hair, though there really wasn’t that much to cut (as you can see from the picture).  Basically I just trimmed my old bangs and made it thicker.   I didn’t cut it too short either, since I wanted side swept bangs.  The tutorial I found on youtube said that it should fall around your nose.


Bangs!  Please pardon the duck face and my gross bathroom mirror XD


When side swept


With the rest of my hair down.


I like the effect so far, but this means I have to go through the process of blowdrying and ironing my bangs every morning, oh well.  I might cut it shorter next week if I’m not happy with it.  Ezra’s been bugging me to get my bangs cut like hers, but I don’t know if I can pull if off.  We’ll see, haha~

I also went to the dentist today.  It’s been ages since my last appointment.  I used to visit my dentist every other week back when I had braces, but ever since they came off I haven’t been taking the time to go see her.  The only reason I scheduled an appointment today was because the cement came off my permanent retainers, Tita Floj wasn’t happy.  She was even less pleased to find out I haven’t been wearing my upper retainers.  I promised her I would, starting now (which I still haven’t done.  They’re still buried in the bottom of my bag somewhere).  Anyway, she fixed my retainers and I got my teeth cleaned as well.  They’re so shiny and white now since she polished them, weeee~

And to complete my day of pampering, I got my weekly massage today as well.  Ahh, mondays~


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