Coffee + Split Ends + Red hair

Went out to meet the girls yesterday.  Had coffee/shakes and merienda at Boston Cafe (thanks for the treat Moy!) and updated each other on our lives.  Moy’s still juggling being a researcher and an athlete, Brinks is enjoying her new job and officemates (yiiii), while I’m still complaining about my exams and problem sets. Afterwards, Moy and I met up with Jean (Brinks left early since she has to go to church).  We headed off to Metrohair for haircuts.

I picked up Brinks on the way to Boston Cafe, and she showed me her new puppy ❤


Isn’t he (she?) the cutest thing?
Merienda time with the girls
Thanks Moy! 😀
At Metrohair. After my haircut, and during Moy’s hair treatment

I re-dyed my hair the other day.  My roots have been starting to show, which irritates me.  I’m kinda low on cash right now so instead of having a professional do it (like last time), I took Aprille’s advice and bought one of those DIY kits.  Aprille suggested Revlon, so I got the one in Light Reddish Brown:

Ezra was nice enough to help out with the process.  It turned out alright.  Some parts stayed black though … grrr~  I probably should have the let dye sit longer.

Also, look what I found outside my room when I woke up this morning:

Haha, hotel keycards!  My dad knows I collect them, so he gives me all of his keycards.  He and my mom travel a lot for work, so I get a few of these every once in a while.

Yesterday’s Poupee outfit:


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