Week 6/52 : “I See You” + Bikes at Freedom Park

I’m sorry, I just had to.  I’ve seen a lot of people turning themselves into a Navi, and I had to try it for myself XD  I used this tutorial as a guide for making this, with a few minor changes.

I love the big eyes, hihi.  Makes me look so anime~

Anyway, Ezra and I ran some errands today.  I had to go to the bank to pay for a necklace I bought, and she had to pick up the mascara she ordered from Amie.  We stopped by Boston Cafe grab some snacks after that.

Ezra treated me to a strawberry shake and some Valentine’s Day cookies (Thanks Ez!)


Ezra with her cookie (and my hat)


My LOVE cookie


Heartbroken, hihi


I just realized today that all the times I’ve been to Boston Cafe, I ate for free.  The first time was Brinks’ treat (for her 6th month celebration at her job), the second time was Moy’s treat last Sunday, and the third time was today 🙂  Kewl~

Ezra and I wanted to drop by the Feb Fair, but it was so unorganized we decided to just meet up with Monica.  She let us borrow her bike and wave (?) board.  I have no idea how, but we somehow managed to get her bike’s front tire flat in that short amount of time … sorry Mon 😦

Ezra on Monica’s bike (with the front tire still intact)


Weeeee~  It’s been forever since I last rode a bike.  It’s good to know I haven’t forgotten how.  (Thanks for lending me your shoes Monica!)


I told Ezra that we had to go home after that since I needed to study, but we ended up watching Yamanade ep 3 instead T__T

Yesterday’s Poupee outfit:

One of my favorite outfits so far.  Also, I managed to save up enough ribbons to get a new hairstyle, weeee~


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