(EZRA) 12/52: Mechanical Lullaby

Ack!  Another one I forgot to post back in 2010!  It’s now 2013~  Thank goodness I can edit the dates of my posts here on WordPress~

Her description:

The thing I’m playing with is called a “Newton’s Cradle.” I got it for Christmas and it’s pretty amusing. When I’m bored I just play with it and watch it swing around (which is strangely relaxing).

The title is from a song in “Coraline.”

I’m wearing a wig in this photo because I was too lazy to fix my hair.

Thanks to my sister for taking my picture and editing it!

It was a bit hard to get the timing of the cradle right for this shot. Ezra had to set the balls in motion and pose quickly while looking relaxed and amused at the same time XD

Week 12/52: Golden hugs, sushine kisses

Ckloy gave me a new umbrella, weeeee~  We met up at Megamall two Saturdays ago, after my MSE 225 exam.  We were supposed to have lunch together with Amie, Kat and Ate Love because it was Amie’s birthday, but he couldn’t make it on time.

Any guesses where it’s from?

Here’s a quick hint:

Before anybody says anything about my Etude House obsession, I want to say that I didn’t spend a single cent in that shop that day~  (Yay me!)  The only reason I was there was because Kat and Ate Love were in a makeup-shopping mood, and I suggested they check the place out.  When Ckloy arrived, we were in the middle of trying out mascaras, so that’s where he found us.

He asked me to help him pick out presents for his parents’ wedding anniversary. He told me I could pick out anything I wanted in the store in return.  I suggested he get the bottle of the Creamy Peach Chou Body Lotion for his mom, and picked out this umbrella for myself.  I was thinking of getting the eyeshadow stick they had there, but I figured I needed the umbrella more than I need makeup, since I broke my old umbrella earlier that day.

I’ve actually been eyeing this umbrella for a while now, but I was too cheap to buy it for myself.  I normally just find umbrellas at home and claim them for myself (we get a lot of free umbrellas from banks and insurance companies for some reason, so I’ve never felt the need to buy one).

I’ve been walking around campus a lot lately and the sun hasn’t been kind on my skin.  I normally don’t mind a bit of sun, but the heat’s been terrible here lately, so I’ve started carrying an umbrella around to give me some extra shade when I walk.  I’ve also started using a lotion with SPF! (I know, they say you’re never supposed to go out without sun protection, but I hate the sticky feeling I get when I put sunblock on, so I don’t use it unless I really need to.)

A not so happy version:

Thanks Ckloy!  Mwah mwah~

A VERY LATE “New” Year’s entry

Yes, I know, it’s already the end of March, but I’ve been too lazy to sort holiday photos until now.  I’ve only just finished posting our family’s Christmas photos on FB and Multiply.  I decided to get started on the ones we took on New Year’s eve also.  I figured I might as well make a quick entry about it too, since I failed to do that when 2010 started XD

December 31, 2009 was a double celebration for our family since it was also Bam’s 26th (27th?) birthday.  He took us all to Zen Buffet where we stuffed ourselves with yummy Chinese and Japanese food.

My plate (first round).  Those cheese wantons were yummy!!

Group photo

Thanks Bam! *mwah mwah*

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Three down, two to go!

I’ve completed all my requirements for three of my subjects this semester.  I’m praying that the effort I put in for these subjects (however little) will be enough to secure a passing grade for all of them. I hope that everything turns out alright and I won’t have to repeat them.

I thought I’d share some pictures and memories I have from these classes, to give me a feeling of closure.

MSE 225: X-Ray Crystallography and Spectrography

My earliest subject to finish this semester.  We had our final exam just last week.

Our class met every Saturday this semester (except for those days when our professor was too busy to hold classes, or fell asleep in his office).  We tackled one chapter of the book each week, and a problem set was assigned at the end of each class.  This meant that for almost every Friday this semester, my classmates and I stayed up all night answering problems dealing with x-rays, crystal lattices and their symmetries.

Amie and I stayed up on Fridays together at my apartment to solve the problems for class. Towards the middle of the semester, the Calamba sisters (Kat and Ate Love) started joining us, which made things a whole lot easier since there were more of us.  Although there were some days when we only managed to submit two problems each because we stayed up chatting all night instead of answering the problem set XD

This was taken right after Ate Love’s birthday.  We had a pizza for dinner that night, her treat.  Thanks Ate Love!

(Ate Love and I are actually the same age, she’s just a few months older than I am.  I just got used to calling her “Ate” because of Kat, hehehe)

Sometimes Ezra would come and stay with me at my apartment (when she didn’t have to work) so I’d have some company.  On Friday nights she’s in charge of making sure we all don’t fall asleep while studying.  (She spends the entire Friday morning asleep while I’m in class, so she’s all energized in the evening.)

Ezra acting as a stylist while Kat solves the more difficult Math problems for us.

Ezra put Miaka-style buns on me

Looking so happy.  She enjoys watching us suffer XD

Sometimes Hahriz would also spend Friday night with us.  She usually does this when she has an early Saturday exam.

With Hahriz

(Yes, my place is always a mess when Friday night comes around.  Luckily no one really cares as long as we can find a place to study.  We clean up on Saturday mornings after our class, before heading back to LB.)

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Hell Week!

Just a quick update.  I’ve been extremely busy these days.  The semester is coming to an end, so I’m trying to complete all my requirements before their deadlines.  I’ve still got three papers to submit and two exams to study for.  Students normally call this period their “hell week“, although my “hell” actually lasts for more than a week.   This is what my planner looks like for now:

At least I’ve already completed all my requirements for one subject, MSE225.  We had our final exam last Saturday.  The exam had 6 questions and lasted for 4 hours.  We all had migraines by the time the proctor collected our papers.  But at least that’s over.  I can only hope I did alright in that subject.  Passing grade is 50%, but MS students need a score of at least 80%.  I don’t know if I’ll be able to score that high T__T

To help us prepare for the test, Amie, Kat and I headed over to the library to study last Friday.   When the library closed at 5pm, so we moved our study session over to my apartment, where Ate Love joined us as soon as she was done with work.  By that time, our minds were already saturated, so we mainly goofed  around while trying to answer some of the problems in the book (which, luckily, were some of the problems that showed up in the exam).

Quick photo of our study session.  Review materials and netbooks everywhere!  Kat’s already asleep while Amie flat irons her hair.  Ate Love is still busy solving problems in the book.

Right now I’m busy studying for my Geol297 (Clay Mineralogy) exam tomorrow.  Currently reading/scanning these two books:

Exam’s going to be “open-everything” which includes our laptops (and therefore the web).  I have no idea what sort of questions to expect.  Open book exams scare me   O__o

Wish me luck!

(EZRA) 11/52 : Every Girl is a Princess

Something simple again.  Still have loads of work to do T___T

Ezra’s description:

I saw my sister’s old mini crown (she wore it to her senior prom) and it inspired me to do a princess shoot.

These past few weeks my SP always showed the sky so this week I wanted an SP that focuses on the ground.

I did my best to look sweet even though the grass that I was sitting on had ants. In the end my sister said I looked like a conniving princess in my picture, hehe.

I got the title from a line in Shokojo Seira (the Japanese version of “A Little Princess.”)


Week 11/52: Pure snow, pure heart

Something simple, no time for photomanipulations this week T__T  Finals will be in about 2 weeks so I’ve got tons of deadlines to meet and exams to study for.

Belated Happy White Day!! (shot this last Sunday XD)

From Wikipedia:
White Day was first celebrated in 1978 in Japan. It was started by the National Confectionery Industry Association as an “answer day” to Valentine’s Day on the grounds that men should pay back the women who gave them chocolate and other gifts on Valentine’s Day.

Soon thereafter, confectionery companies began marketing white chocolate. Now, men give both white and dark chocolate, as well as other edible and non-edible gifts, such as jewelry or objects of sentimental value, or white clothing like lingerie, to women from whom they received chocolate on Valentine’s Day one month earlier. If the chocolate given to him was giri-choco, the man, likewise, may not be expressing actual romantic interest, but rather a social obligation.

Ezra asked me why I love posting pictures of myself with my head cropped off.  I told her I normally do this on days I’m feeling stressed or “unpretty”.

Title from the song “Pure Snow” sung by Yuko Sasaki for the anime Himiko Den.