(EZRA) 10/52: We’ll Always Be Friends Forever Won’t We?

Photomanipulation again 🙂  Ezra wanted a swing SP too.

Her description:
I got this giant teddy bear from my boyfriend a couple of years ago before he went back to America. I named it Mr. Bear (how original, hehe).

It was pretty hard to position Mr. Bear so I had to hold him in place.  My sister just edited me out using Photoshop.

I got the title from a line in the Disney movie “The Fox and the Hound,” it’s a really sad movie. Thanks to my sister for taking my picture and editing it!

Since I was using my 50mm lens, it was quite hard to get both Mr. Bear and Ezra in the frame.  So I decided to shoot  them separately.  Ezra had the hold Mr. Bear up to make him look in the same direction she was looking:

You can see our little bahay kubo in the background, hehe.

To create the dreamy sky effect, I simply took a picture of a cloudy sky I have in my laptop (I have a lot of them,  I like taking random pictures that could be useful stock images in the future).  For this particular photo, the sky photo was taken around early January, while we were at the Rose Bowl Parade in California. (I got bored taking pictures of the floats.)

I placed the picture of the sky in a separate layer, over the layer with Mr. Bear.  I used a layer mask so that the I can select which parts the picture with Mr. Bear appears.

This part took a lot of time.  Thank goodness I use a tablet to edit my pictures, my hands would probably die if I attempted to do this with a mouse.

I did the same thing for the picture with my sister, which I placed next to Mr. Bear’s photo.

This is what it looked like after I was done with all the masking.

After this, just add some hue/saturation layers, adjust the curves, use a soft brush at low opacity to fix the lighting, add some more clouds if you want, and voila~  You get the first image shown in this post.

This entry was obviously not meant to be a tutorial.  I just wanted to give you guys a  quick peek on how I do many of my photomanipulations, since some people have been asking.  Obviously, the steps are quite simple, they just take a bit of time and a lot of trial and error.

If you don’t have a tablet, you can always use your mouse to do the masking.  It’s a big pain in the ass, but it’ll get the job done.  (Back when I didn’t have my tablet, I did all my manips using a mouse and the pen tool.  But I stuck with simple manipulations then.)


6 thoughts on “(EZRA) 10/52: We’ll Always Be Friends Forever Won’t We?

    • Not a complete tutorial, guide lang, hehehe 😀
      I prefer to mask rather than erase, kasi minsan nasosobrahan ako ng erase e. Pag mask lang gamit ko, madaling ibalik yung “nabura” ko, hehehe

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