Polka Dots and Flowers : Nail Art!

Finally found time yesterday to play with all the nail stuff I bought at Etude House earlier this week.

Weeeee~  Ain’t it purty?

I love how this looks, and it was extremely easy to do.

First, I applied my new dark purple nail polish.  This took a while because Ezra kept insisting that she put the nail polish on me, and kept painting my entire finger instead of my nails.  In the end I did it myself and just let her watch.

It’s not perfect, but it’ll do.  I always have trouble applying nail polish because I have extremely shaky hands.

Then I took my nail stickers and just put a flower on each nail.


Ezra tried to redeem herself by volunteering to peel the stickers off the card for me.  She ended up ripping the first flower in half T__T  She decided to just watch me peel the stickers myself after that.

I felt like something was still missing, so I decided to add white dots on the tips of my nails:

Looks better, don’t cha think?

My dots still aren’t as round as I want them to be, but they’re fine if you don’t look too closely.

My last nail art lasted about two days before the first sticker started to peel off.  This was probably because I only used a thin coat of the clear polish on top of it.  A couple more peeled off as the days passed, but most of the stickers survived the week, so I’m satisfied.

This time I decided to put two layers of the clear nail polish on top.  I hope it’ll last longer this way.  It’s been two days and one petal has already peeled off and some of the nail polish on my right hand is starting to chip off, but I fixed it so it wouldn’t be too obvious.  My left hand seems to be holding out pretty well though ^___^

EDIT: This lasted me for two weeks!!  I couldn’t believe it.  Of course there were some chipping on some nails, but I fixed them easily by reapplying nail polish on those areas.  I also added another coat of clear polish on top of my nails after a week, which could be the reason they lasted for so long.


5 thoughts on “Polka Dots and Flowers : Nail Art!

    • Thanks! 😀
      I normally have time over the weekend, hehe 😀
      Surprisingly it doesn’t take that long to do, since you just stick the designs on your nails ^___^ Waiting for the nail polish to dry takes the longest time XD

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