Week 12/52: Golden hugs, sushine kisses

Ckloy gave me a new umbrella, weeeee~  We met up at Megamall two Saturdays ago, after my MSE 225 exam.  We were supposed to have lunch together with Amie, Kat and Ate Love because it was Amie’s birthday, but he couldn’t make it on time.

Any guesses where it’s from?

Here’s a quick hint:

Before anybody says anything about my Etude House obsession, I want to say that I didn’t spend a single cent in that shop that day~  (Yay me!)  The only reason I was there was because Kat and Ate Love were in a makeup-shopping mood, and I suggested they check the place out.  When Ckloy arrived, we were in the middle of trying out mascaras, so that’s where he found us.

He asked me to help him pick out presents for his parents’ wedding anniversary. He told me I could pick out anything I wanted in the store in return.  I suggested he get the bottle of the Creamy Peach Chou Body Lotion for his mom, and picked out this umbrella for myself.  I was thinking of getting the eyeshadow stick they had there, but I figured I needed the umbrella more than I need makeup, since I broke my old umbrella earlier that day.

I’ve actually been eyeing this umbrella for a while now, but I was too cheap to buy it for myself.  I normally just find umbrellas at home and claim them for myself (we get a lot of free umbrellas from banks and insurance companies for some reason, so I’ve never felt the need to buy one).

I’ve been walking around campus a lot lately and the sun hasn’t been kind on my skin.  I normally don’t mind a bit of sun, but the heat’s been terrible here lately, so I’ve started carrying an umbrella around to give me some extra shade when I walk.  I’ve also started using a lotion with SPF! (I know, they say you’re never supposed to go out without sun protection, but I hate the sticky feeling I get when I put sunblock on, so I don’t use it unless I really need to.)

A not so happy version:

Thanks Ckloy!  Mwah mwah~


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