(EZRA) 12/52: Mechanical Lullaby

Ack!  Another one I forgot to post back in 2010!  It’s now 2013~  Thank goodness I can edit the dates of my posts here on WordPress~

Her description:

The thing I’m playing with is called a “Newton’s Cradle.” I got it for Christmas and it’s pretty amusing. When I’m bored I just play with it and watch it swing around (which is strangely relaxing).

The title is from a song in “Coraline.”

I’m wearing a wig in this photo because I was too lazy to fix my hair.

Thanks to my sister for taking my picture and editing it!

It was a bit hard to get the timing of the cradle right for this shot. Ezra had to set the balls in motion and pose quickly while looking relaxed and amused at the same time XD


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