Ozine Fest 2010

I mentioned earlier in my previous post that I attended my 2nd convention this 2010 this Friday.  Ezra and I were supposed to go today (Saturday) and meet Ckloy and Raffy there, but since we couldn’t find anyone to drive us, we had to go yesterday.  Luckily Raffy still made it, but Ckloy had to work T__T

In the car with Ezra

I cosplayed as Ezra, mwahahahaha~  Everything I’m wearing is hers (except for the boots).  Even the bag belongs to her XD

Ez and her friends (Ella, Karen and Bianca)

Although I had fun at the Otaku Fest in January, nothing beats going to these events with your friends.  Ezra brought three friends with her, and I met up with Brinks there.  I even bumped into Emma while chasing down some cosplayers *fangirls* wahahaha~

I’m happy Brinks was able to go this time, although we went separately (she was with her cousins).  Its always nice having someone fangirl with you, so you don’t look like a complete idiot screaming by yourself.  We were able to hang out for a while (and I was finally able to bring her to Etude House, mwahahaha~).  I’m glad  that she enjoyed herself and wasn’t shocked by the otaku culture, I know many people who find it weird and obsessive.  I must admit, when I first started attending these events (back in 2007), I felt a bit awkward.  I’m not really a social person, so I had a hard time asking people for pictures and talking to them about their costumes and the characters they were cosplaying.  But Kurt was with us at the time, and he’s a veteran when it comes to these things, (he’s been cosplaying since high school) so we got the hang of it eventually.

Anyway, we arrived at Megamall around 11am, only to find an extremely long line that made several twists and turns along the mall.  We decided to grab some lunch first before getting tickets.

Lunch at Teriyaki Boy

At around 12:30, we headed back up to find that the line had disappeared, and we were finally able to get tickets and go inside.

In front of the Ozine Fest poster

Ozine Fest ticket


Some pictures inside the venue:

PEDOBEAR!  Ezra watch out!

I found a moogle cosplayer, nyahahaha!  Hi Brinky!

Pretty girls (walang aangal, hahaha)

BEST.PICTURE.EVER!  Brinks!  Napakalagkit na tingin

Ez and Ciel

Goldfish scooping!  We wanted to try this, but there was a line, and it seemed hard.

Finally, Raffy arrived~

Uhh, dunno what’s wrong with Ezra

Lonely moogle

Ryuk cosplayer (with his mask on the side of his face)

TOTAL YAOI MOMENT by Light and L!!!  FTW!

There were a lot of butlers going around that day

We didn’t get that many pictures of the cosplayers this time, we were too shy to approach them when they gathered as a group.  I know that most people who go to these events don’t mind getting their pictures taken, but there was this one guy who ran away when we asked for a picture, leaving his friend to apologize and look embarassed!  What a jerk~  He could have just refused instead of running away like an idiot/douche.

Some cute figures they had on display at the event:


I’m not really into collecting figures, but these were so nice even I wanted them~

Eventually we got tired of walking around, so we decided to go to the food court and grab a bite to eat before heading home.

We ran into a Squall cosplayer on the way there

Ezra and Raffy

Care for a manju?

Resting at the Atrium

I was extremely tired from walking so much the whole day.  As soon as we got in the car, I fell asleep and only woke up when we were almost home.  My feet still hurt a bit now, but it’s totally worth it, I had a blast yesterday.  I only wish that Ckloy could have made it as well T___T  Hopefully he’ll be with us at the next convention.

Looking forward to ToyCon 2010 in June. Brinks sama ka ulit ha!


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