Red nails for Ezra’s birthday

Was finally able to try out my new red nail polish, in time for Ezra’s birthday.  I’ve always loved red nails ❤

I used my black stars/flowers nail stickers again (first set I ever bought).  I also used my black and white nail art pens.  I’ve had the black pen for a while but I never got the chance to use it, I normally just use the white one.

I find that my hands always look so much fairer when I use red nail polish 🙂

Stars and flowers

All done! ^___^


2 thoughts on “Red nails for Ezra’s birthday

  1. ohhh galing galing. i can never make the dots on my left hand the same size as my right :-/

    I have red polish din! But we have different takips haha. 😀 Glittery yung polish mo kasi glittery takip? hehe

    • thanks kupie~
      though panget din pagkalagay ko sa right hand, lalo na dun sa index and ring finger. ang hirap kasi e, hehehe XD

      etude din red polish mo? mas mahal ata ng konti yung purple ang takip e. naghahanap nga ako ng red polish na pink yung takip, pero wala akong makita. hindi naman glittery yung polish ko, normal lang sya.

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