Lovely Day (Park Shin Hye) : You’re Beautiful OST – piano cover

I’ve already mentioned in my previous entries how much I love the entire “You’re Beautiful” soundtrack, but “Lovely Day” is definitely one of my favorites. I don’t know why, I just feel happy whenever I listen to it 🙂  Maybe it’s the bouncy melody, or Park Shin Hye’s adorable voice, or the fact that it reminds me of so many sweet scenes from the series.

I actually have two videos of me playing this song.  The one above is the first one I recorded, but I forgot that my camera was set to low so the video quality turned out terrible. I decided to post it anyway since the audio is pretty decent. So instead of seeing my hands you guys get to stare at the A.N.Jell members XD

Although I played it a bit fast, I like this version better since I made more mistakes on the other video.

If (for some reason) you guys want to watch the version where you can see my hands, here’s the link:

Sheets available here: Lovely Day Sheets

Here are some pictures of the A.N.Jell members for you to look at while you listen to the song XD

Cute Jeremy and Tae Kyung


One of my favorite scenes in the series 😀  Look at Shin Woo’s face! LOL

Jeremy and Shin Woo

Tae Kyung and Mi Nam – so cute!

A.N.Jell doing weird things

I suddenly want to watch the entire series again~


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