Nom Nom Nom : Scorpions for dinner anyone?

(Late post.  I wrote most of this while we were in China last month but forgot about it until now)

Every time my family visits a country, we always feel the need to try out (or at least look at) as many different foods as we can.  This will be my first food post on this blog since it’s still fairly new.  (Some  find it lame when people write about what they ate, but I enjoy talking about and seeing pictures of food so bear with me.)

I’ve mentioned in a past entry that our hotel was just a 2-minute walk to Wangfujing Road, a place famous for shopping and for its “snack street”.  You could find all sorts of exotic food being sold along the side of the road, such as scorpions, snakes, starfish, beetles and even sheep penis.  (Our tour guide told us that Chinese people eat everything on two legs, except for humans – and everything on four legs, except for the table.)  We weren’t daring enough to try all these things, so we just looked around and took pictures.

Wangfujing street stalls.  They open at around 5pm and pack up around 10pm.  We know this because on our 2nd night there we all fell asleep after our tour, and we woke up around 9pm.  We decided to grab dinner at Wangfujing Street because we thought they remained open until around midnight, but just as we passed the third stall, they turned the lights out.  We ended up eating instant noodles in our hotel room for dinner.

Here are some stuff we saw there:

Silk worm cocoons and some stuff with tentacles

Scorpions!  Ezra actually wanted to try these, but each stick contained 3 scorpions.  She only wanted to eat one, and no one was willing to share with her.

Beetles and centipedes on a stick.  The guy grabbing a stick in this picture actually bought one while we were there so we watched him eat it.  He finished the entire thing in about a minute.  I think he bought another stick after that, I’m not sure.

Snake!  All sliced up.

More snakes and silk worm cocoons

Baby sharks and other sea creatures

Starfish and sea urchins

Sea horses and lizards (?)


Sadly I wasn’t able to get a picture of the sheep penis, but they were selling them there.  We know this for a fact because the guy at the stall kept yelling out “Penis! Penis!”  People were crowding around that part of the stall, and I didn’t want to push my way in just to get a picture.

Of course they had normal food there too, for people (like us) who aren’t that adventurous yet.

Huge crabs

Yummy looking treats

Not really sure what all these things are, but they look fairly normal I suppose


Glazed fruits

Ezra and I loved the glazed strawberries.  We bought a stick every day 🙂

Yummy dumplings. (Yes, that’s me.  Ezra took the picture, lol)

Walking around

Although eating while strolling along Wangfujing Street is fun, most of the time we still preferred to eat sitting down.  Luckily our there’s mall nearby which has a foodcourt.  Our family loves checking out mall foodcourts in other countries because there’s always a lot stuff there that we don’t normally find in the Philippines.

Giant bowl of noodles!

Huge serving of curry omurice which Ezra and I shared

Fried rice and beef wantons

Dumplings!  (What’s the point of going to China if you’re not going to pig out on dumplings right?)

For dessert, we usually had the ice kachaang that we loved, but this was another fave of ours:

Not sure what this is called, but it was yummy!~

On our first night there, we had some Korean food for Ezra’s birthday.  (Not at the food court, but still inside the mall)

Yum yum yum~

I have more pictures, but I guess I’ll stop here.

Overall, I’d say that my taste buds enjoyed our Beijing trip a lot.  I tried to prevent myself from eating too much, but it wasn’t that easy.  Amazingly I only gained about 2lbs during out stay there (which I lost by sweating as soon as we got back to the Philippines XD).


8 thoughts on “Nom Nom Nom : Scorpions for dinner anyone?

  1. Nananakam ako sa glazes strawberries! nom nom nom And ang dami palang exotic foods sa China? Goosebumps ako sa snake! bahaha Hmmm gusto ko i-try yung scorpions! Ano lasa? heehee =)

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