Pasalubong Diaries : Thailand

My parents went to Myanmar last week for work.  On their way back to the Philippines, they stopped by Thailand to do some shopping.  They arrived today with presents for me and Ezra 🙂

My mom got me two new skirts:

Blue school uniform skirt, hehe.  She got me one exactly like this two years ago, but in black.

And a gray plaid one.  I love it!  The little bows are so cute~

I don’t really wear skirts that much, but my mom keeps buying them for me whenever they go to Thailand.

Ezra asked my mom to buy her one in every color (that she doesn’t already have).

Thanks Mama~ 🙂

My parents also got us some of our favorite Thai treats:

Jelly fruit thingies(?)  Ezra loves them.

Yummm~ Marshmallows with chocolate filling (the one on top has other flavors – banana, lychee, melon and strawberry)

Giant bottle of Yakult or whatever it’s called over there (my dad drank half of it already)

Plus some noodles, desserts and other stuff I wasn’t able to take pictures of.   So much for my diet, haha.

Anyway I’m glad they’re are back.  I was a bit worried because of all the riot that was going on in Bangkok last month.   I’m happy my parents got home safely 🙂


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