Sakura nails

A few weeks ago I realized that I have a bottle of white nail polish and some nail stickers that I’ve never used before, so I decided to play around with them 🙂

White nails look good in the picture but I think they make my hands look too dark. (That’s Hyun Joong and Shin Ae in the background.  I was watching We Got Married while waiting for my nails to dry, hehehe)


Applied some pink nail polish on the tips.  It took me forever because I have extremely shaky hands.


All done! 😀

I was finally able to use my pink sakura (?) stickers.  They were one of the very first nail stickers I bought but I never had the chance to use them until now.

I liked how it turned out, but sadly they didn’t last very long.   Kurt’s little sister saw my nails that night and she found the pink flowers so pretty she decided she wanted them for herself, so she peeled them off.  She looked so cute doing it, so I let her.  I only see her a few times a year anyway, hehe.

Goodbye pink sakura nails~


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