Folding bikes!!! (And funny shoes)

Everytime Kurt leaves the Philippines to go back home, Ezra goes and buys something to distract her from feeling sad.  Two years ago it was a Wii Fit board.  Last year it was a new pair of shoes.  This year she decided to buy a bike, and she managed to convince me to buy one for myself as well.

We’ve actually been wanting bikes for a while, but we never had the chance to buy them until now.  We were also trying to figure out how we can fit the bikes in our cars so we can bring them to campus where it was safe to go riding.  When we heard about folding bikes, we knew this was the answer to our problem.

Today, our parents needed to go to Cartimar to buy some fish food and aquarium stuff, so we figured that it was perfect chance for us to get our bikes.  Cartimar is mostly known for its pet stores, but there’s a lot of bike shops there as well.  As expected, the bikes in Cartimar are priced much cheaper than the ones in the mall, and they had more designs for us to choose from.   After asking around for a bit, we were able to find ones that we liked which fit our budget nicely.

My newly-assembled folding bike 🙂  I wanted it in purple or gold but those colors were out of stock.  The only colors available were this and a loud shade of neon green which can be seen from a mile away.

Ezra chose a different model because she liked the color.  I liked it too but this was the last one there.

This is what it looks like when it’s folded. (I took this at a bike shop I saw in Megamall the other day while I was canvassing for prices.  This costs P1000 more than the one in Cartimar, but it’s the exact same bike. )

Looking so happy with my new baby 🙂 We were waiting for the guy at the shop to finish putting my mom’s bike together.  Yes, she bought one too, even though she doesn’t know how to ride.  She figured it was about time for her to learn, LOL.  My dad’s been teasing her nonstop since this afternoon about how he has to remember to buy her a first aid kit to go along with her bike.

Anyway, after all our bikes were assembled and stored safely inside the trunk of my dad’s car (all three of them managed to fit in there), we headed over to Festival Mall in Alabang to do some shopping.  I tried to avoid buying “useless” things since I’ve already spent a lot this month.  All I got was a new notebook (for my thesis, nuks~), a foundation brush (I need it!) and new shoes (I need that too!  Besides, it was on sale).

Aren’t they cute?  Ezra thinks the large buttons looks weird, but I like it.

This was the smallest size available (5) but it’s still a little too big for me.  I bought it anyway since I know I probably won’t find ones I like which will fit me anytime soon.  My feet are really tiny (I think I’m a size 4 1/2) so I always have that problem – which is the main reason I stick to sneakers.  With sneakers, I can get away with buying a pair which is one (or sometimes two) size(s) bigger, but sandals and ladies’ shoes are different – they have to fit you well or else it looks terrible.  Anyway, I stuffed some tissue paper in them for now to make them fit.  I’ll try to buy some shoe inserts for them when I get the chance.

Funny shoes


10 thoughts on “Folding bikes!!! (And funny shoes)

  1. i bought a folding bike last year too. i think it kinda looks like the one you got. i can’t fold it though, ang tigas kasi kahit nilangisan ko na hindi ko pa rin ma-fold. huhuhu. once lang sya na-fold, nung bagong bili. hahahaha!

  2. I love your shoes!!! And yan din ang isa sa gusto kong brands, matibay talaga 🙂
    Patawa din ang bikes niyo, pangkoreaknovela. Bili ka na nung mga sinuggest ni karrie hehe!

    • Thanks kup >:D< Eto din yung brand nung isang shoes ko (the one Camille picked out for me), kaya ok sya sakin. Matibay nga daw sya, saka mura lang, hehe. Kung mag sale sila laging malaki ang bawas. (Sale ko din to nabili e, hehe)
      Hehe, weird nga yung bikes, liit kasi gulong. Pero may mas maliit pa dyan~ Medyo normal na nga tingnan tong samin e, hehe. Yung iba muking scooters XD

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  5. wow..
    i’ve been thinking of owning a foldable bike for two months now, but the expected expense on my wife’s labor keeps me from defering my purchase..and reading your post makes it not at all easy.

    • I think the best thing about folding bikes is that they can be stored easily without taking up much space. And it can fit inside my car so I can bring it with me when I need to.
      If you plan on buying a bike, I would suggest you check the bike shops in Cartimar. They have a lot of nice ones there being sold at reasonable prices 😀 (Stay away from malls, they charge way too much XD)

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