Cameras and Angel Wings : Gifts from Vesma

Last week Vesma dropped by for my dad’s little birthday party, and she bought presents – for me, not my dad, LOL.

These were actually some stuff that I ordered from her friend who were selling stuff on Facebook.  She messaged me one day with a link to the shop and asked me if I was interested.  I was low on cash then, but I couldn’t resist when I saw the little camera necklace (I’m a sucker for camera necklaces, especially black and silver ones), so I ordered that and the little angel wing ring (because it reminded me of Rinoa and ANJell).  Vesma told me to tell her which items I want and she’ll get them from her friend.  She didn’t tell me that she’d be paying for them, or else I would have ordered more, j/k.  She told me they were an early birthday present.  (Like REALLY early.  My birthday is in September XD).

Anyway, here are the two items I picked out:

Mini-camera necklace.  I love this!  I’ve been wearing it everyday since last week.

And this cute ring with angel wings.  It originally came in gold, or should I say “fake gold” – the shade that’s too yellow and too shiny.  Vesma compared it to those little toy jewelry you get for free in candy packets.  Anyway, I painted it silver using nail polish so it looks better now 🙂

Vesma had another camera necklace which she also gave me:

It’s so cute~  I only wish it said Canon instead of Nikon (I’ve been a Canon user for years now).  I still love it though ❤

Thanks for the presents Ves!!  They’re all so cute~

Lab u baks!  Mwaaaah!


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