Glitters! – Brinky’s birthday celebration

I was already in my pajamas last night when Brinks called to tell me that she wanted to go out to celebrate her birthday.  I changed quickly, picked her up and we headed over to Aprille’s, where we found her fast asleep on the couch.  We woke her up (with Anne’s help) and convinced her to get dressed so we could go out .  We’ve all had dinner earlier and we didn’t really feel like drinking, so we headed over to Dairymoor for some shakes and dessert.

The birthday girl

Aprille and me, trying not to look too sleepy XD

Rodly was there too, yiheee (peace you guys, haha)

It was a very simple celebration.  We had some shakes, crepes and fries and just updated each other on the stuff happening in our lives.  We’ve all been really busy the past few months so we haven’t had that many chances to talk to each other.  We also played around with some glitter stick-on tattoos that Aprille brought.

Green for Brinks, purple for me

Brinks’ glittery tattoo and Aprille’s glittery nails


HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRINKY!!!  Thanks for the treat~


2 thoughts on “Glitters! – Brinky’s birthday celebration

  1. Weeeeeee!!!! Thanks thanks for coming out kahit late na kup!! >:D< Happy ako na nakita ko kayong tatlo ngayon bday ko 😀 Mwaaah!!!
    Yiiii kay emomot haha

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