Mascara (Cover Girl, Etude House, Avon) and Liquid Liner (Revlon, In2It, Etude House) Review

I’ve been having a problem with oily lids lately.  This plus the heat and humidity results to my makeup being a mess by the end of the day.  I’ve been wearing liquid eyeliner and mascara on a daily basis for over a year now, and I’ve never had this problem until recently.  I mean look at this:

I’m wearing my Revlon ColorStay Liquid Liner and Cover Girl Lash Blash Luxe mascara in this photo.  I’ve been using the liquid liner since around February and the mascara since the start of this month.  Before I started using these products, I used In2It’s waterproof liquid liner and Avon’s Amazing Lengths mascara, and they stayed put the whole day without any problems at all.

I had some free time today so I did a bit of “research” on the current products I’m using.  I think the main reason for the smudging is that both products aren’t waterproof, which I only discovered today.  Pretty stupid of me right?  I’ve been using them for a while now and it never occurred to me that they weren’t waterproof, tch~

I bought both the liquid liner and mascara last December during my trip to Los Angeles.  I was just so excited to try the Cover Girl Lash Blast because I’ve heard a lot good stuff about it.  When I saw the Lash Blast Luxe, which is newer, I got even more excited so I bought it without even bothering to check if it’s waterproof.   As for the liquid liner, the word “colorstay” caught my attention and I automatically figured it was waterproof as well.  According to online reviews, the Revlon ColorStay Liquid Liner is supposed to be extremely smudge-proof.  But I guess I shouldn’t believe everything I read.

Anyway, I figured I should switch back to my In2It liner and Avon mascara, until Ezra suggested that I try Etude House’s waterproof liner and mascara.  She’s been using both products for a while now and she loves them.  Like me, she also used the In2It waterproof liner and Avon mascara in the past, but she claims that she likes the Etude House products better.  Of course I had to see for myself so I did a little test to compare them.


First the eyeliner:

So these are the products I tested:

From L-R : In2It Waterproof Liquid Liner, Revlon ColorStay Liquid Liner and Etude house Proof 10 Liquid Liner.  The In2It and Etude House liners both belong to my sister.  I’ve already used up my In2It liquid liner earlier this year.

The picture above shows the three liquid liners I applied on the back of my hand.  You can see that the Revlon liner tends to crack, which is another thing I don’t like about it.  The Etude House liner is the darkest of the three – if there’s such a thing as a “darker black”.

To test which of the three will smudge the least, I used my hand to try to rub the product off:

As you can see, the Etude House liquid liner smudged the least.  In fact, it didn’t really smudge at all, a bit of the product simply peeled off.  Ezra said this sometimes happens if you apply the product too thick.  Both the Revlon and In2It liner smudged easily, which surprised me because I never had problems with smudging in the past when I used my In2It liquid liner.

I also wanted to test which of the three would hold up when placed in contact with water, so I washed my hands.  The results:

Revlon and In2It disappeared almost completely, even though the In2It liner is supposed to be waterproof.  The Etude House liner stayed on.   I’m impressed~

As for the mascaras:

The products I tested:

From L-R : Cover Girl Lash Blast Luxe, Etude House Proof 10 Mascara, Avon Super Shock mascara.  The Etude House and Avon mascaras also belong to my sister.  I threw away my old Avon mascara last month because I heard you’re not supposed to use them for too long since bacteria can grow on them and cause an eye infection.

The Cover Girl Lash Blast Luxe is a bit on the silvery side, mostly because of the shimmery glitters it contains I suppose.  The Avon mascara is the “blackest” of the three.

Again, I used my fingers to see which of the three with smudge the least:

All three of the mascaras smudged after I rubbed them, but the Covergirl Luxe smudged the most.  I didn’t expect the Avon mascara to smudge because I never had a problem with it when I used it in the past either, although that was a different mascara (Amazing Lengths).  Etude House’s smudged the least.

I tried rubbing the products off under running water to see which would last longest:

All three mascaras practically disappeared when placed in contact with water, even though the Etude House and Avon mascaras are supposed to be waterproof.  I guess you could say that Avon was able to handle water the best, since there was more of the product left compared to the other two.  I’m not surprised.  I remember how much I hated having to remove my Avon mascara at the end of the day because it was so difficult.  Even after using makeup remover and showering, I would still have some of the product left.  I would wake up the next day with raccoon eyes XD

So to summarize, the Etude House liquid liner and mascara smudged the least when I rubbed them with my hands.  The Etude House liner also held up against water pretty well,  For mascaras, it was the Avon one that did best in the “waterproof test”, LOL.  Both the Cover Girl Lash Blast Luxe and Revlon ColorStay Liquid Liner failed miserably, which is a shame.  I’ve only been using my Covergirl mascara for a month and I have another unopened bottle of the Revlon liner in my closet (it came in packs of 2 T__T).  I guess I’ll use them on days when I won’t be out for too long and don’t need something completely smudge-proof.

I’m thinking of getting the Etude House liquid liner sometime this week.  I’m still undecided whether I should get the Etude House or Avon mascara though.

EDIT: I ended up getting the Etude House mascara.  The Etude House liquid liner was out of stock so I bought the Fashion21 Liquid Liner, which is also great – and cheap as well!  Read my review here.


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