New clothes for Kairi (Dollmore)

When my sister graduated from college last year, my parents gave her some cash to spend as a reward.  She used the money to buy a Ha-Yarn Cho doll and doll clothes on  She named her doll Kairi.

(Old shot of Kairi taken last year)

For her birthday this year she said she wanted more clothes for Kairi.  She ordered the stuff she liked from the website (using my dad’s credit card) and they arrived at our house a few weeks later.

Dollmore package which contained Kairi’s new clothes.

The cardigan which Kairi wore in my 31st portrait for this year’s 52 weeks.

Black tank top which she was also wearing in the picture.  It’s actually designed for male dolls, so its a bit big on her.  She was also wearing these in the picture:

New boots!  She has another pair of leather boots, but they have high heels which make it hard for her to stand on her own.

Skinny jeans

Thigh-high white stockings

Black and white striped stockings

Green eyes.  The eyeballs look kinda creepy XD

New beanie

And a free gift.  Dollmore is known for giving free gifts (they gave Ezra some cookies, a free wig, a dress, blue eyes for Kairi and a birthday card the last time she ordered from them.  This time they weren’t that generous (maybe they save the free gifts for first-time buyers).  The box contained a set of hand towels and some cookies.  We were hoping it would be the maid outfit shown on the sticker even though we knew that that outfit’s way too expensive to be given away as a freebie XD

Ezra also bought Kairi a new wig, but there was a bit of a mix-up with the order (we were sent the wrong wig).  Fortunately, Ezra was able to contact Dollmore and they agreed to send the correct wig, as long as we send the one we got back to them.  We got the wig Ezra ordered a few weeks later.

I haven’t had time to take pictures of Kairi in her new clothes, but here’s a quick shot of her from when I dressed her up like me for my SP this week:

(She’s so pale!)

Aside from contributing some cash for her new clothes, Ezra also requested that I crochet a beret for Kairi:

I may not be a fan of dolls (I think they’re scary) but I find Kairi pretty

Ezra’s now requesting that I crochet a floppy beanie for her.  I’ll do that when I get some free time.


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