China Picts (part 3 of 3) : Walking around Beijing

(Finally, the last set of pictures.  About time too, it’s already August XD)

One of the things our family loves to do when we visit a foreign country is just walk around the city, exploring the place for ourselves.  Sure, package tours are nice, but we still enjoy discovering things for ourselves.  We end up lost most of the time, but we love the feeling of being able to find our way back at the end of the day.

Ezra with her map.  She’s all ready for the day ahead.

Big meal so we’ll have lots of energy for the day

Lots of people also exploring the city.  The ones wearing the red hats are part of a tour.

You can see the Wangfujing street stalls in the background

Checking our map.  We’re lost already, LOL.  We wanted to find our way to Tiananmen Square.

We kept walking anyway and came across this weird rock thing.

I’m too lazy to put captions on all the photos, so let’s just admire the pretty pictures XD  These are just random shots of us walking around and a few interesting sights we saw.

(I didn’t realize I took so many pictures of Ezra, LOL)

Soldiers marching in Tiananmen Square.  There really wasn’t much to see there, but we wanted to check it out because it’s a historical place in China.  I suppose some of the most famous events that took place here was Mao Zedong’s proclamation of the People’s Republic of China and the massacre of the student protesters in 1989.

I also took pictures of random people that I caught my attention that day:

We came across this lovely church where a prenuptial shoot was taking place

On our way home, we found this vendor selling the glazed strawberries that we liked.


When we got back tour hotel, we took some shots outside (with the help of my dad’s tripod) before heading in.   This random guy came up to us while we were taking pictures and started offering us a tour of the city.  We told him we’ve already signed up for a tour and that he should just look for other tourists who might be interested.  He was very insistent, so we kept telling him that we didn’t want to join his tour.  When we started to cross the street to go inside our hotel and he started cursing at us for not joining his stupid tour.  What an ass!

He even managed to ruin our family picture outside our hotel, grrrr~

Anyway, aside from that rude tourguide, we had fun that day.  We went out again later that night to grab some dinner and walked around some more.  I wasn’t able to take pictures though, because it was raining lightly, and I didn’t want to get my camera wet.


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