Play SNAKE on YouTube

I just wanted to share something cool I discovered today.  I apologize if this isn’t new to you, I was just really excited that I discovered it on my own by accident.

I was in the lab today waiting for my XRD results, so I decided to watch some videos on YouTube to pass the time.  The internet connection was really slow so it took forever for the video to load.  I’m sure you’ve noticed that YouTube displays this little spinning circle thing while a video is buffering:

Well, apparently if you press pause and then hit an arrow key, the swirling circle thing turns into this:

It’s a hidden Snake game!  Now you can play while waiting for your video to buffer.

This feature only works on the new YouTube video players.  And it doesn’t work on embedded videos either, you have to be on the actual YouTube page for the game to work.

Pretty cool, right?


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