Playful Kiss : First thoughts

So I finally found some time to start watching this drama.  I’ve been looking forward to it for the longest time.  I loved It Started With A Kiss, so when I heard they were making a remake I was so happy.  I became even more excited when I heard that they chose Kim Hyun Joong to play the male lead.

I’ve only been able to watch the first two episodes, and all I can say is – what a disappointment!

Honestly, if I didn’t look forward to this series so much (and if KHJ wasn’t the male lead) I probably wouldn’t bother to continue watching it.  It pales in comparison to ISWAK.   Sure, the cast and their acting is okay and I like the costumes and the set, but that’s about all.  The show is so colorless~  I have no idea how they can turn a good story into something this boring.

I saw so many behind-the-scene photos for this show in the internet and they were all really nice, which made me look forward to the show more.  I expected myself to laugh and cry while watching it (like I did with ISWAK), but so far, nothing.  No emotional response.

There are so many memorable scenes in ISWAK that didn’t appear in this drama.  I know that the producers probably didn’t want to make an exact copy of ISWAK, but if they were going to change the scenes, they should at least make it better.  Like when Baek Seung Jo wished Oh Ha Ni good luck on the exam, it was so plain and lifeless!  I remembered getting all excited and giggly when Zhi Shu said it as he passed Xiang Qin in the hallway.  And Xiang Qin’s reaction was priceless.   Oh Ha Ni’s reaction in PK was like “Oh yay, he wished me luck, now what?”.  And also the scene when they were checking out their exam scores.  It was so anti-climatic in PK!   That was actually one of my favorite scenes in ISWAK.   It was so sweet the way the two of them went on opposite sides of the board to check how the other did, and how happy they were for one another.  There was also a bit of a suspense there because Zhi Shu fell asleep in the middle of his exam, so we didn’t know if he would get a perfect score again (which he did).  And I loved it when Xiang Qin said “We may be on opposite ends, but at least we’re on the same paper.”  That was one of my favorite quotes in the entire series, and they took it out in Playful Kiss!!  The way the scene went down in PK was just so – for lack of a better word – bleh~

But I guess what I can’t stand the most is the lousy soundtrack!   Actually, I take that back.  it’s a bit unfair of me to call it “lousy” since I haven’t really been hearing it, which is frustrating!   There are so many colorless scenes that could have been improved dramatically by simply adding good music in the background.   And it’s not even because they don’t have a good song to use.  I checked out the official sound track of the series and the songs that they chose are actually nice, which makes me wonder why they’re not using them.  There were a lot of dead air (uhh, I’m not sure if that’s the correct term) in the series which could have been filled with any one of those songs.

No wonder this series got such low ratings (but surprisingly, people keep giving it good reviews on dramacrazy).  The first episode was really a pain to watch.  Episode 2 wasn’t that much of an improvement, but it was a bit better (mostly because there were more scenes where KHJ appeared – he’s the only reason I continue watching the show).  Anyway, the ratings go up after a few episodes, so I’m hoping the show will continue to improve.   Just because a show started off bad doesn’t mean it can’t get better.  The first few episodes of Goong bored me to tears as well, but I ended up loving it in the end.

I find the bears in the end of the episodes cute though.  Unoriginal, yes (Goong already did that), but still cute.

(EZRA) 37/52 : I’m hungry for a chicken!

Late post.  Ezra’s portrait last week 😀

Her description:
My sister and I recently started watching this Korean series called “My Girlfriend is a Gumiho/Nine-Tailed Fox”.  It’s sooooo~ cute. It’s about a guy who accidentally releases a Gumiho (a legendary nine-tailed fox which is rumored to eat the liver of humans) and now he’s doing a lot of crazy things so that the Gumiho wouldn’t eat his liver.

The Gumiho took a form of a really cute girl and she’s always craving meat.  I find it adorable because she behaves just like a pet. Obviously the series inspired this shot.

Thanx a lot to my sister for taking my picture and editing it


Week 37/52: There is a magic made by melody – A spell of rest, and quiet breath.

Self portrait last week.  Taken for Flickr’s “Theme of the Week“.  The theme was fashion statements. I’m not sure if this counts as a fashion statement, but it’s the best I could come up with XD  I’ve been having a hard time coming up with ideas again.

Title came from Elizabeth Bishop’s Sonnet (1928).
Music brushes are from


Light Golden Brown + Hair cut

My roots were starting to show again, so I picked up a box of Revlon’s Colorsilk in Light Golden Brown last week. I normally get the one in Light Reddish Brown, but this is the color Aprille uses and it looks good on her, so I decided to try it this time.

The instructions said “do not use on damaged hair”, which made me hesitate a bit. I got my hair relaxed about two months ago, and it left the ends of my hair a bit damaged. I know that adding more chemicals to my hair was probably a bad idea, but I couldn’t stand the black roots.  I decided to go through with it anyway and just avoided applying the dye on the ends of my hair.

Before and after shot:

For some reason, the color didn’t come out gold like it showed on the box. In fact, it looks pretty much the same as my previous hair color.  How disappointing.   At least the black roots are gone.

As expected, my hair didn’t take too kindly to being subjected to more chemicals. The ends became frizzier and more unruly, so I decided to get them trimmed. I went to Scissors and asked the hairdresser to remove the damaged sections. He ended up cutting about 6 inches off!!! I didn’t realize it at first because he worked on the back of my head in the beginning. When he started cutting the sides, that’s when I noticed that he was trimming off more than I expected. By then it was already too late for me to do anything.

The last time I had my hair this short was about three years ago. The change shocked me at first, but I’m beginning to like it. It’s much easier to manage and I feel fresher. Plus my hair looks so much healthier now.

It wasn’t what I expected, but I’m pretty happy with the results.  Ckloy likes it too, yay~

(EZRA) 36/52 : Oh my sweet little piggy, this won’t hurt a bit

Mwahahaha~  Poor piggy XD

Ezra’s description:
It’s not even half way through September yet and I’ve pretty much used up all of my allowance for the month already. I’m so broke!  But at least I’m happy with everything I bought (especially the guitar hero which I chipped in for as my sister’s birthday gift).

This piggy bank is really small so it can only hold a few coins, but I thought it was really cute so I bought it anyway.

Thanks a lot to my sister for taking my picture and editing it!

She’s wearing the beret I crocheted for her ^___^

Week 36/52 : Tomorrow’s way

My sister and I have been addicted to Guitar Hero.  We’ve been playing nonstop since last weekend.  We’re still pretty sucky at it, but we’re improving XD

Ezra told me this photo reminds her of Yui’s album cover.  I’m not that familiar with her songs but I love “Tomorrow’s Way”, so I chose it for my title.

Thanks Ez for taking the photo and for lending me your sleeve thingies XD


I actually like this shot more, but Ezra and Gilbert like the other one.  Gilbert says he’s not used to seeing pictures of people without their heads XD

This is album cover Ezra was talking about: