Early birthday dinner with Moy

After my class yesterday, I met up with Moy and Ezra for an early birthday celebration.  Moy and I don’t see each other much these days thanks to our busy schedules, but luckily we were able to squeeze this dinner in.

Moy took Ezra and me to Cafe Breton in Trinoma so we could taste their Galette Bretonne.  It was HEAVEN~ It’s buckwheat crepe filled with spinach, shrimps, crab meat, cream, and Gruyere cheese. *wipes drool off keyboard*  I’m actually not a big fan of shrimp and I’m mildly allergic to crab, but this tasted so good, I didn’t care.

Moy preparing my Galette Bretonne for me 🙂

Ez and Moy. Ezra ordered the Breton Mozzarella Burger which was also yummy~

(Sorry for the bad-quality photos.  My camera ran out of battery so I had to use my phone T__T)

We shopped for a while after dinner, then grabbed dessert at Red Mango before heading home.

Ez with her frozen yogurt

Moy’s YUMMY choco waffles.  If I wasn’t so full I would have ordered this too, it’s so good!

Thanks for yesterday Moy!


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