APhy 02 Batch Reunion (Ena’s despedida and my birthday)

It’s been a while since my blocmates and I last saw each other, so we decided that we should have a mini-reunion.  Ena’s leaving this Friday for Australia to work/study and we all wanted to say farewell before she leaves. It turns out most of the people were free last Saturday, which also happened to be my birthday 🙂

We decided to hold the get-together at my house since Ena said she missed hanging out here. Seeing them all in our living room again brought back so many memories of our MatPhy overnight study sessions (AKA “videoke nights” and “movie marathons”). I miss college~

From L-R : Carmi, Erwil, Jam, Ena, Mhean, Leni, Dyason, Michelle, Ckloy, Glenn, Jenny and Alex. (Arvin arrived later in the afternoon so he’s not in the photo).

Leni, Ena and me. We spent about 90% of our APhy life together. People used to call us the “Powerpuff Girls” because we we were always together 🙂

We spent the afternoon singing, eating and playing games on Wii.

Some photos taken that day:

Glenn and Alex fighting it out on Wii Boxing

Alex killing some mountain lions on Cabela’s Big Game Hunter. (Look at Ckloy being so engrossed in the game XD)

Lunchtime! Thanks Leni, Erwil, Jam and Dyason for the cake for Ena and me!

Alex, Glenn, Jenny and Michelle had to leave after lunch because they had stuff to do. Arvin arrived as soon as they left.

No party’s complete without some good old videoke, right?

Jam and Dyason pose mid-song

After everyone sung their hearts out, we decided to play Wii again. This time we had fun with the Wii Fit board. We enjoyed watching each other strike crazy poses, especially in the hula hoop game. I got a stomachache from laughing so much.

(Sorry if the next pictures are blurry. Everyone was laughing so much and moving around, it was hard to take a good photo.)

Arvin catching hula hoops

Leni’s turn

Erwil looks so calm

Mhean laughing after geting hit in the face with a shoe in the soccer ball game

Jam got the high score on the penguin/fish game

I forgot why Dyason looks so happy in the photo. I think this was also during the penguin game.

The gang stayed until around 6pm and then they had to leave because they didn’t want to be out too late. It was really nice seeing everyone again. Some other blocmates weren’t able to make it because of work, which was a pity. Hopefully next time more people will be able to come 🙂

Ena – have a safe trip to Australia! Wag mo kami kalilimutan ha! We’ll miss you!!!


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