Photoshoot at the National Art Center (Behind the Scenes)

A few weeks ago, Brinks asked me if I was available for a quick shoot. We’ve been planning to go out and take pictures ever since July (for her birthday) but we kept rescheduling because we’re both so busy. After months of postponing, we were finally able to squeeze a mini shoot in between work and school deadlines. Ezra and Aprille were also available, so we asked them to come.

Instead of taking pictures around campus like we normally do, we decided to go up to the National Art Center for a change. We wanted to shoot there last summer but it was closed to the public at the time. Luckily they allowed us in this time.

National Art Center parking lot

View from the top

Aprille and Brinks admiring the view

Aprille and Ezra were almost murdered by a falling coconut. They were standing thisclose to where it landed.

They girls took my car’s windshield protectors to use as makeshift reflectors, but they ended up being used as umbrellas instead XD

Love Aprille’s necklace ❤ (Brinks is wearing it in this photo though)

We were doing jump shots and Ezra just stood there looking confused, LOL


We also took a couple of shots at the cute chapel up there:

Ten Commandments (in Tagalog)

Poor Ezra XD

Afterwards we grabbed lunch at McDonalds. I don’t know why, but that’s where we always end up having lunch after finishing a shoot.

I LOVES YOU  (You loves I? XD)

I had fun girls! Hope we can do this again soon! 🙂

Links to the photos we took that day:


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