Birthday celebration with the girls

Right after our college bloc reunion last week, I went out to meet my favorite girls.  We had dinner at Bonitos and tea at Boston Cafe.

Only Brinks, Aprille and Camille were available that night. Vesma was out of town and Moy left her phone at home, so we couldn’t contact her.

Brinky wore the beanie she bought at the ToyCon last June

Falling asleep while waiting for the food. (I stole Aprille’s flower ring XD)

Ravioli lasagna~ My favorite

My birthday cake : Mangoes and Cream

Awesome handmade card from Aprille!

Expensive Jelly Beans from Camille. (This tiny box costs P65! Whut?!)

Davao pomelo from Brinks, LOL

After-dinner tea at Boston Cafe

Aps got her ring back 🙂

After Aprille finished her tea, we headed home because I had to wake up early the next day.

Thanks for coming out to meet me girls!  Mwah~


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