Playful Kiss : First thoughts

So I finally found some time to start watching this drama.  I’ve been looking forward to it for the longest time.  I loved It Started With A Kiss, so when I heard they were making a remake I was so happy.  I became even more excited when I heard that they chose Kim Hyun Joong to play the male lead.

I’ve only been able to watch the first two episodes, and all I can say is – what a disappointment!

Honestly, if I didn’t look forward to this series so much (and if KHJ wasn’t the male lead) I probably wouldn’t bother to continue watching it.  It pales in comparison to ISWAK.   Sure, the cast and their acting is okay and I like the costumes and the set, but that’s about all.  The show is so colorless~  I have no idea how they can turn a good story into something this boring.

I saw so many behind-the-scene photos for this show in the internet and they were all really nice, which made me look forward to the show more.  I expected myself to laugh and cry while watching it (like I did with ISWAK), but so far, nothing.  No emotional response.

There are so many memorable scenes in ISWAK that didn’t appear in this drama.  I know that the producers probably didn’t want to make an exact copy of ISWAK, but if they were going to change the scenes, they should at least make it better.  Like when Baek Seung Jo wished Oh Ha Ni good luck on the exam, it was so plain and lifeless!  I remembered getting all excited and giggly when Zhi Shu said it as he passed Xiang Qin in the hallway.  And Xiang Qin’s reaction was priceless.   Oh Ha Ni’s reaction in PK was like “Oh yay, he wished me luck, now what?”.  And also the scene when they were checking out their exam scores.  It was so anti-climatic in PK!   That was actually one of my favorite scenes in ISWAK.   It was so sweet the way the two of them went on opposite sides of the board to check how the other did, and how happy they were for one another.  There was also a bit of a suspense there because Zhi Shu fell asleep in the middle of his exam, so we didn’t know if he would get a perfect score again (which he did).  And I loved it when Xiang Qin said “We may be on opposite ends, but at least we’re on the same paper.”  That was one of my favorite quotes in the entire series, and they took it out in Playful Kiss!!  The way the scene went down in PK was just so – for lack of a better word – bleh~

But I guess what I can’t stand the most is the lousy soundtrack!   Actually, I take that back.  it’s a bit unfair of me to call it “lousy” since I haven’t really been hearing it, which is frustrating!   There are so many colorless scenes that could have been improved dramatically by simply adding good music in the background.   And it’s not even because they don’t have a good song to use.  I checked out the official sound track of the series and the songs that they chose are actually nice, which makes me wonder why they’re not using them.  There were a lot of dead air (uhh, I’m not sure if that’s the correct term) in the series which could have been filled with any one of those songs.

No wonder this series got such low ratings (but surprisingly, people keep giving it good reviews on dramacrazy).  The first episode was really a pain to watch.  Episode 2 wasn’t that much of an improvement, but it was a bit better (mostly because there were more scenes where KHJ appeared – he’s the only reason I continue watching the show).  Anyway, the ratings go up after a few episodes, so I’m hoping the show will continue to improve.   Just because a show started off bad doesn’t mean it can’t get better.  The first few episodes of Goong bored me to tears as well, but I ended up loving it in the end.

I find the bears in the end of the episodes cute though.  Unoriginal, yes (Goong already did that), but still cute.


29 thoughts on “Playful Kiss : First thoughts

  1. Your comments make me very angry, you are so naive, judgemental and you haven’t even watched upto Episode 8. I would suggest that you make sound statements by investigating more……….I HATE YOU SO MUCH!!!!

    • If blah (creative name by the way) hate strange vision so much, why the hell do you keep reading and leaving so many comments in her blog entry? And can’t you read the title of the entry saying it’s her first thoughts? Who’s naive now? You can’t even understand the title!


    • Notice the title of this entry? It says “First Thoughts”. In case you don’t know what that means, this normally indicates a person’s opinion based on their first encounter with something. I’ve only seen the first two episodes and I didn’t enjoy them all that much. I’m well aware that my opinions can (and probably will) change after a few episodes, but for now I stand by what I wrote. If this bothers you then there’s nothing I can do about it.

    • And so? There’s nothing wrong with sending first thought. You yourself said that we all have gone past that. That means you did it too. Moron! Think before you leave a comment. Do you even think before you type? Obviously not! Idiot!

      • Haha! What a moron! I think I know why her user name is “blah.” because that’s all what’s in her brain, just a bunch of useless thoughts going “blah blah blah.” LOL!

    • Oh gee, I’m so sorry if I haven’t been able to watch the all the episodes on a weekly basis (NOT).
      Unlike you who seems to have all the time in the world to spend going around trolling blogs that give an opinion which is different from yours, I actually have a life and can only watch the series during my free time.
      If my lack of time offends you, I suggest you find another blog to cry to. I have very limited free time and I think I’ve wasted enough of it on you. It was fun for a while but your lack of maturity is getting boring. See yah!

    • Haha! How pathetic, you even changed your user name even though it’s obvious that it’s still you “blah!” Even by changing your user name, you still reek of stupidity.

  3. honestly speaking, i’m watching this drama because of KHJ, i never did like ISWAK, but i find this version funny and entertaining and the lead actress is cute and not OA unlike the taiwanese version wherein the lead actress is annoying and so stupid that i think is not normal, though, sometimes the story would drag, i hope they show more skinship between oh ha ni and seung jo.

    • Haha, I liked the OA-ness of the lead actress in ISWAK, I found it cute. But yeah, I know many people were annoyed at her stupidity.
      I’m really hoping that Playful Kiss will improve and that I’ll grow to like it. I’ve been looking forward to it for a while now, so I’m not really going to let two bad episodes stop me from watching, especially since KHJ is playing Seung Jo. Besides, I heard that the show gets better after the first few episodes, so I’ll definitely continue watching it. I also hope that there will be more sweet moments between Ha Ni and Seung Jo. I wasn’t a fan of the girl they chose to play Ha Ni at first, but she’s growing on me 🙂

  4. I think whoever watching korean drama playful kiss should not be compared with any of the drama form japan or twain.
    It is not fair. Please stop comparing it. We love kim hyun joong and most of us watching pk because of him.
    This drama is absolutely worth to watch it, it make me cry and lough. For me it is big fun to watch it and how exciting we are waiting for every wednesday & thursday to watch this lovely drama playful kiss of kim hyun joong.

    • I think anybody who has seen the other versions of the series can’t help but compare them. It’s the natural thing to do. Just like how Boys Over Flowers, Hana Yori Dango and Meteor Garden are being constantly being compared to each other. I’m sure the producers of this show expected the fans to do that, that’s why they changed certain scenes so they’re not making an exact copy of the previous versions. I’m just saying they could have done a better job at it from what I’ve seen. But I’m only on episode 3, so hopefully the next episodes will be better.
      I’m not out to hate the series. I keep hoping it will do well, especially because of KHJ. I guess I my expectations were just too high in the beginning. I watched episode 3 recently and I’m glad to see that the show is improving. Still not as good as I hoped, but hopefully it will continue to improve.
      “We love kim hyun joong and most of us watching pk because of him.” – I agree. I love KHJ and right now, he’s the only reason I continue to watch the show.

    • I think comparisons are inevitable, in fact, they should be done in this instance because they are both representing the original manga series. If you were comparing Playful Kiss to say, I don’t know, Devil Beside You (first high school non-Korean drama that came to mind… & quite frankly, I am confused as to why lol) then we’d have a problem. The fact that ISWAK & Playful Kiss are both trying to recreate Tada Kaoru’s story & her characters completely warrants a “Who did it more justice” scenario. I have no issue if they try to stylise things differently but the essence of the characters & the story has to remain faithful to the manga.

      Anyways, strangevision, I applaud you for standing strong! Your first thoughts on this series are just what I was weary about… I will watch this for the legacy (& so I can blog about it later lol) but I’ma not ’bout to rush out right this second to investigate it… ><

      • Thank you 😀
        Haha, I agree, comparing PK to DBY would be a bit silly.
        I’m really hoping that PK will continue to improve and that I’ll grow to like it. I guess I’m just disappointed that PK hasn’t given me the same level of excitement I got from watching ISWAK.
        I’m definitely looking forward to your blog entry about this 🙂

        • I’m still yet to start PK (currently finishing up on Bad Guy… which I LOVE LOVE LOOOOOOVE! Both Tae Sungs are just… *buries face in pillow* xDD) but I have heard it’s picked up. How far along have you seen?

          P.S. My blog entry will probably be a comparison thing. They’re fun to do but so darn tiring lol Will def need to re-watch ISWAK (or at least parts thereof)… not sure about They Kissed Again though… liked her in the first but could not stand Ariel Lin in the sequel ><"

          • I haven’t heard of Bad Guy before. I checked online and it seems good. I hope I find some time to watch it 🙂
            I’ve only seen the first 4 episodes of PK. I don’t really like watching online so I usually wait for the downloadable version.
            I’m planning on re-watching ISWAK too after PK. Watching PK reminded me of how much I loved ISWAK.

  5. I haven’t started this drama but I am pretty intrigued. ISWAK will always hold a special place in my heart because it was my very first asian drama. It is why I am intrigued by Playfull Kiss. I am scared to expect too much of it. Your review of the first two episodes has toned those expectations down and it’s a good thing. That way I won’t be judging it too harshly :P. Thanks for taking your time to write this up, it helps people people like me who like reading reviews before starting a drama. 🙂

  6. honestly, for a fan of this series, your thoughts were a bit offending and hateful. ive watched iswak,tka and pk already, and both are good. and both are of diffrent approaches, what iswak had doesnt mean that pk must also have. for me, the characters of both series are great. but frankly, pk has the most charming and cute leads 🙂

    • This entry wasn’t written to attack the people who enjoy the series, so I’m sorry if you feel offended. I wrote it mainly to rant about how disappointed I was with how the whole thing turned out, especially since I was looking forward to it a lot. Honestly, I didn’t even bother finishing the series because I was so disappointed. I watched up till episode 11 since I’ve been told that it gets better after episode 8, but I gave up eventually. I suppose it did improve after a while, but I still didn’t enjoy it that much. But hey, if people enjoyed it then I have no problem with that. I personally don’t like it, but I can’t (and won’t) stop other people from becoming fans.
      But yes, I do agree with what you said about PK having cute leads. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. I’m a big Kim Hyun Joong fan, so this entry wasn’t meant to bring him down. It’s the show I didn’t like, not the actors. He was the reason I wanted to watch the show in the first place.

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