Fashion 21 Liquid Eyeliner Review

A few months ago I did a review on three liquid eyeliners that I’ve tried before (Etude House, In2It and Revlon’s Colorstay).  In that entry I mentioned that I planned on getting the Etude House liquid liner because it was the one with the longest staying power out of the three.  However, when I went to the mall that weekend, it was out of stock.  I was too impatient to wait for the new stocks to arrive, so I decided to just get the In2It liner instead since I’ve tried it before and it worked fine for me.  But, when I got to Watson’s, I couldn’t find the In2It booth so I ended up getting this instead:

Fashion 21 Liquid Eyeliner (Waterproof)

The reason I decided to go with this one was because I remembered that Brinks has used this liquid liner before and she told me that she’s pretty happy with it.  It was only P120, so I decided to give it a try.

I’ve been using it for about two months now and it’s great.  It lasts the whole day without smudging, which is exactly what I want.  I did the same test I did for the other three liquid liners I reviewed earlier, and here are the results:

I applied three lines on the back of my hand.


Then I tried to rub the product off using my fingers

As you can see, there was minimal smudging.  And I was rubbing HARD!

Then I tried rubbing the product off underwater:

It faded a little but didn’t rub off completely.

Pretty good right?  It didn’t really smudge, even after trying to rub it off underwater.  I did this test this in the morning and by the end of the day I still had the three lines on the back of my hand right.  And I washed my hands a lot that day.

Some people are scared that the product stays on too long and that it’ll be too difficult to remove at the end of the day, but I found that regular eye makeup remover (I used Etude House Lip And Eye Remover) removes it easily.

The only thing I don’t like about it is the applicator/wand/brush.  It’s way too long!  It might not bother some people, but if you have extremely shaky hands like me, it makes applying the eyeliner a bit difficult.

Fashion 21’s wand/brush is almost twice as long as the Revlon Colorstay wand/brush.

Also, I found that the formula is a bit watery and takes a little longer to dry than other liquid liners I’ve tried, so I tend to get some of it on my eyelids if I open my eyes too wide after applying it.

But overall, I think the product’s great.  It does the job and for only P120.  How can you say no to that, right?  I’m definitely glad I tried it.


8 thoughts on “Fashion 21 Liquid Eyeliner Review

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  2. I agree, Ma’am Carmi.. Ang haba nga. Hehehe
    Maybe i should try this. I’m not used to liquid eyeliner coz I always mess up pag nagaapply. Right now i’m using Line & Seal 24 Twist by Styli-Style, which I find way expensive for an eyeliner. Hahaha

    • Hi Ayana 🙂
      Nahihirapan talaga ako minsan dun sa wand, sobrang haba kasi. Lalo na pag nagmamadali ako, extra shaky yung hands ko 😀
      Hindi ko pa nattry yung Line & Seal 24 Twist. For pencil eyeliner I use Covergirl’s Outlast Smoothwear. Okay din sya sakin, long lasting sya with minimal smudging. Pero mas gusto ko parin liquid eyeliners 😀
      Kung gusto mo magtry ng liquid liner, I suggest getting a felt-tip one. They’re much easier to use. Gusto ko nga sana bilhin yung felt tip liner ng Etude House, kaso out of stock din sya nung pumunta ako.

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  4. i’ve been using Fashion 21 Liquid Eyeliner for 3 years now.
    I use Ponds Cold Cream to wipe it off with my clean fingers. I didn’t have a hard time removing the make up.

    • I’ve only tried Pond’s Cold Cream a few times before, and I found that it’s really good for removing heavy make up 🙂
      I’m still using Fashion 21’s liner these days, but I switched to the dipliner. The SA told me that it has the same formulation as this one in my review, but the applicator is much shorter. It’s very long lasting and doesn’t budge at all until I remove it at night using eye makeup remover 😀

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