Legend of the Guardians – IMAX

Last week, Ezra, Raffy, Ckloy and I watched Legend of the Guardians : Owls of Ga’Hoole in IMAX to celebrate the start of Ezra’s semestral break.  She figured she deserved some kind of reward for surviving her first semester as a graduate student.  So even though I was swamped with deadlines, Ckloy had to work early the next day and Raffy had class until late that afternoon, we decided to go to SM North and catch the 7:45 showing.


Ckloy and I have actually seen the movie before, but the non-IMAX version.  Ezra has been wanting to see it too and was disappointed when she learned that we saw it without her.  Ckloy and I enjoyed the movie the first time we saw it so we told Ezra we’d watch it with her again.

The story’s pretty simple and predictable, but I suppose this is expected.   It is a children’s story after all.   The plot’s not that great, but the animation more than made up for it.  It was breathtaking!   The details of the owls, the way their feathers moved while they flew, the background, the scenery – everything was just so beautiful.   My favorite scene was definitely when Soren was asked to fly through the monsoon.  I could practically feel the water droplets on my face.  It was amazing!    Of course the battle scenes were something I enjoyed too.  I was already impressed with the animation when Ckloy and I watched it in regular cinema, but it was a thousand times more impressive on IMAX.   I’m glad I watched it again.


I liked the background music they chose for the movie too.   It set the mood nicely.  And the song “To The Sky” by Owl City was perfect!

Anyway, Ezra and I arrived at SM North around 5:30pm, so we had 2 hours to kill before the start of the movie.  We shopped around for a bit and grabbed an early dinner at Sbarro.



After dinner we headed over to the IMAX theater to wait for Ckloy and Raffy, who arrived just in time for the show.  We took some pictures inside the theater while waiting for the movie to start.

Ezra and Raffy


Ckloy and me ❤  It was very cold inside the theater.


Ezra looks so excited


I look pretty happy too


After the movie we took a few pictures with the cute props they had in the lobby:

IMAX: Think BIG!


Huge IMAX glasses

Can you spot Raffy? XD


Giant popcorn XD


Ckloy really liked the design for Nyra.  She has gorgeous eyes.


Ezra and Digger


We wanted a picture with Soren, but there wasn’t one available.




2 thoughts on “Legend of the Guardians – IMAX

    • Nood mo Karrie, nice sya. Pero kung manonood ka mas maganda siguro kung IMAX or 3D kasi ung animation talaga yung nagpaganda sa kanya 🙂 Although naappreciate ko din sya in regular cinema 😀

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