SPP 2010

This semester, my MSE 216 (Ceramics Processing) professor required all of his students to attend the the 28th Samahang Pisika ng Pilipinas (SPP) Physics Congress.  The SPP Congress is something that most Filipino physicists look forward to every year, but this is only the 2nd one I’ve been to.  The first one I attended was back in 2007, when UPLB hosted the event.   This year, the SPP was held at the Meralco Management Leadership Development Center in Antipolo.

The SPP lasted three days, from October 25 to 27.  Honestly, I didn’t want to go at first.  I wanted to get started on my sembreak and just relax at home.  But I’m really glad I went.

What made the event fun was the people I was with.  I spent most of my time with Amie, Kat, Ate Love, Larry, Carmi (not me, another Carmi), Steph and Julie.   We attended different talks and supported one another during our presentations.  Occasionally we would escape from the conference and hang out at the residence hall.

Some of the most memorable things that happened during the SPP:

  • Oral presentation of our paper.  I was probably shaking the entire time, but I’m glad I did it.
  • Meeting up with Carmi and Larry (and Steph on the 3rd day) at Ministop Katipunan so we could go to the event together.
  • Hanging out at the residence hall.  I didn’t book a room, since my apartment in Katipunan was only a 30-minute commute away, but we were always welcome to take a nap in the room Amie, Kat and Alex shared.  (The beds were incredibly comfy.  It took all our will power to not spend the entire SPP napping.)
  • “The Horribly Slow Murder with the Incredibly Inefficient Weapon “.  It’s a 10-minute trailer of a fake horror movie that Steph showed us during one of our tambay moments at the residence hall.  A bit disturbing, but still funny in its own way.  (Watch it here)
  • Getting caught in the heavy rain during my commute back to Katipunan from the first day of the SPP.  I had to walk through ankle-deep water! (I know, it’s not that bad, Ive seen worse floods, but still!  Who enjoys walking in muddy, dirty water??)  My shoes were soaked and I only brought one pair with me.  I didn’t have any Lysol in the apartment so I wiped them vigorously with isopropyl alcohol and used a hair dryer to dry the insides.
  • Having Steph stay over on the 2nd night.
  • Playing with the birds at the aviary.
  • ALL THE FOOD!  There was so much food and they were all delicious.  I’m still too scared to weigh myself right now.  I’m pretty sure I gained some weight during those 3 days of pigging out.


I’m too lazy to write a detailed entry about the event, so I’ll just share some pictures taken during the SPP.

SPP Kit/laptop sleeve and my badge.  I was thrilled that they gave me one with a pink lanyard.  (They also had purple, magenta, blue and gray.)  I think this was actually supposed to be Carmi’s (the other Carmi, not me).  She belongs to the Plasma Lab in NIP, while I belong to the Earth Material Science Lab at NIGS.  The badge that she got only said “UP Diliman” at the bottom (no “NIP”), so that was probably supposed to be mine.  I offered to switch, but she said it was fine.


Our kits contained this Book of Abstracts


SPP-2010-032 – that’s us! 🙂


MSE 216 class, minus a few people.  We didn’t really plan on getting a class photo taken, for some reason we all ended up outside the restroom area during the break.


Here’s one with me included


At the lovely Koi pond near the Food Hall.


Next to some weird thingies near the Food Hall


Electric Jeep parked outside the Residence Hall.  I think it also serves as a shuttle for the guests.

I have no idea what’s going on here.  We were all getting nervous about our presentations for the next day and we kept doing silly things.


Such serious students, preparing for the next day.


Morning of the 2nd day.  Everyone’s all ready for their presentations.


My turn – yikes!  (Yes, my slides were extremely kikay, but Amie wanted it that way, hehe.)


Not bad right?  You can’t really tell how much I was shaking from the picture XD  My talk was at the huge function hall where the plenary sessions and opening ceremonies were held.   I didn’t expect that many people to be listening.


Larry’s presentation.  His talk was held in one of the smaller rooms, but there were still a lot of people.


Kat’s presentation.  Her slides contained some graphic images of fungus infections.  Her presentation was right before lunch time too – perfect timing XD  I stepped out for the first part of her talk because I didn’t want to lose my appetite.


After that morning, we all felt free and much more relaxed.  Thank goodness we had our presentations early, it left us with a lot of time to enjoy what was left of the SPP without having to worry about anything else.


Larry displaying his happiness


On the morning of the last day, Larry, Steph, Carmi and I decided to explore the compound a bit instead of attending the parallel sessions.  They seemed to have a lot of nice places there that we wanted to see:


After walking for a few minutes, we found ourselves at the aviary and we decided to drop by and take a few pictures of the birds there.  We were satisfied with just taking pictures of each other standing next to the cages when one of the employees approached us.  We thought he was going to tell us off for standing too close to the birds, but he just wanted to ask if we were enjoying ourselves.  Steph asked him if it was possible for us to hold some of the birds, and he said yes.  Turns out he was the guy in charge of the aviary so he was able to give us permission to do so. ^___^


Steph with Alex


Carmi and Diana.  (We got a chance to feed the birds too!)


Carmi and Diana again – different Carmi, same Diana


Ate Love was on her way to the Residence Hall but she got lost and found herself at the aviary as well, LOL


Kat and Amie also decided to drop by while we were there to play with the birds too


This bird got a bit angry with us I think.  We were a little noisy and it probably scared him.


This guy didn’t really have a name, but I heard he’s good at playing mini-basketball.  Unfortunately we weren’t able to watch him play because his trainer said he hasn’t practiced in a while.


Carmi was scared that he’d eat her eyeballs so she kept her eyes shut, haha


Walking back to the conference so we can avail of the morning snacks XD


Group shot in the main lobby


Last lunch.  Amie and Kat aren’t in the photo because they had to go back to the residence hall and check out.  I stole this photo from Sir Nel’s Facebook, hehe.  Thanks sir!


I didn’t stick around to see the closing ceremony because I had to go back to LB that day for a dinner party at our house.

I’m glad that my MSE 216 class forced me to attend the conference this year.  I expected to have a horrible time being bored but I had a great time.  I saw lots of people, ate lots of food, learned a few things, made a few new friends and earned some cool memories.  Great way to kick off my sembreak!


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