(EZRA) 42/52 : The old and the new


Ezra’s portrait 2 weeks ago.

Her description:
I recently found my old disc man which I had it highschool and it brought back a lot of good memories. I used to carry it around with me everywhere and I remember that I also had to carry this huge case with a bunch of CDs because each CD only contained about 12-17 songs, hehe.

I haven’t seen a disc man in years so I thought it would be fun to compare it to my mp3 player, which my sister gave to me as a birthday gift 2 years ago.

The thing I like the most about the mp3 players today is they don’t need batteries so I can listen as much as I want without worrying about running out of power. I remember that I would always worry about saving the battery of my disc man because I think two AA batteries would only last for a few hours, hehe.

Thanks a lot to my sister for taking my picture, editing it and the mp3 player!


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