Another semester down

My “sembreak” is almost over  T__T  Registration for the 2nd semester will start in two days and classes will resume in about a week.  I’ve barely had time to recover from all the stress I was under during the last weeks of the first semester and now another one is already on its way, tsk tsk.

Anyway, I thought I’d post a couple of pictures taken during the past sem.  A sort of “semester-wrap up” entry, hehe.

MSE 298 – Graduate Seminar
We were required give 2 presentations for this class.  The first presentation is of the review paper we wrote for our thesis and for the second one we discussed our thesis budget and work plan.

I didn’t really take pictures in this class, but here’s one that our professor took:

This was when my groupmates and I were in charge of the afternoon snacks.  (We were asked to provide snacks for the class, to encourage people to attend the presentations.)

GEOL 297 – Clay Crystallography

This was an elective that my adviser taught.  He asked me to take the course because it would help me with my thesis.  We spent most of our time learning the crystal structures and properties of various clay materials.

For our exam, we were given an unknown clay sample which we had to identify using XRD and XRF analysis.

Kat preparing her sample


Checking the relative humidity and temperature of the XRD


Ate Ivy poses for the camera while Russel grinds his sample


Flo and Ate Ivy

MSE 218 – Metallography
This was one class I really enjoyed this semester.  It wasn’t because of the subject itself (which was fun in its own way), but because of the people who took the course with me.  In the past, I always had Kat or Amie with me in the class, so I never bothered making new friends and talking to other people.  For this subject, I didn’t really know anyone in the beginning.  I was actually really nervous about this class when the semester started.  I’m not that good at making new friends because I get a little shy around other people, but the people in this class (including my professor) were all EXTREMELY nice and friendly!  I didn’t have to make that much effort to get to know them.  Plus, the class environment was very relaxed, making it easy to talk to everyone.


Carmi and Carmi

Class picture (minus a few people) while waiting for our turns to use the microscope

( I wish I took more pictures of the people in this class.  Most of the time I was too busy taking pictures of our metal specimen under the microscope.)

MSE 216 – Ceramics Processing
This subject was both stressful and enjoyable at the same time.  Our professor in this class based our grades on one thing – our paper’s acceptance to this year’s 28th SPP Physics Congress.  If we managed to get accepted, we would get a perfect grade.  If we get rejected, we fail the course.  Pretty scary if you think about it, but we were all pretty optimistic about our experiments so we risked it.

Amie and I were partners for this class.  Our paper/experiment dealt with investigating the effects of electrospinning voltage on the fiber diameter and crystal structure of zinc oxide nanofibers.


Some equipment we used for our experiment (muffle furnace, electrospinning set up, magnetic stirrer and X-ray diffractometer).


Our ZnO fibers deposited on aluminum foil.  There was a dead butterfly on the table for some reason, so I included it in the picture XD


Viewing the fibers using an optical microscope

We were lucky to have access to most of the equipment we needed for our experiment, which made our lives a lot easier.  However, there were some things which weren’t available in our lab, such as the scanning electron microscopy.  For this, we had to go to De La Salle University.

Visitor’s pass for DLSU


Amie preparing our samples for SEM viewing


Viewing SEM images of our samples

Just like MSE 218, I enjoyed this class a lot because of my classmates.  I’m happy to say all our papers managed to get accepted in the SPP Congress, which meant that all of us passed the course.  Hooray!


Congratulations guys 🙂


Here’s a picture of me presenting our paper at the conference.  You can see more pictures taken at the SPP in a previous blog entry I wrote.



If I think about it,  I had fun this semester.   It was stressful, but I enjoyed it more than my previous semesters because I mainly had laboratory classes this time instead of lectures.  I spent most of my time preparing samples, analyzing them in the lab and writing reports, which is 100 times better than studying for exams and answering problem sets in my opinion.  I’m a bit scared to see what grades I got for my subjects this semester.  I think I put in enough effort to pass all my courses, but we’ll have to wait and see 🙂


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