Santa came early this year : BAND HERO

Ezra and I got our first Christmas present about a month ago:


Every since we got the Guitar Hero 5 kit for my birthday, Ezra and I have spent many sleepless nights playing. I’ve actually had to force myself to take a break during the first few days because my left wrist and fingers started to hurt so much. It got to the point where I could barely move my left hand because of the pain. But after resting for a day or two, my hand was back to normal and I could play again.

A few friends have already come over to play with Ezra and me, which was a lot of fun. Back when we only had one guitar, we had to take turns playing.   We were fine with this setup until my mom announced that she decided to get us another guitar for Christmas. With a little bit of persuasion, Ezra and I were able to convince her and my dad to get us the Band Hero kit instead, so we’d have the extra guitar, plus a drum set and a mic as well.


New toys! 🙂

No more fighting over the guitar

Unfortunately, since we only have two working Wiimotes (one broke), only two people can play at a time.  Usually Ezra plays the drums while I sing or play the guitar.  My aunt agreed to get us two additional Wiimotes when she comes to visit this Christmas, so we’re looking forward to that.  Our cousins will probably stay with us during the holidays too, so we’ll be able to unlock the band challenges in Career Mode with their help.

Technically, it is a Christmas present, but my parents decided to buy it early in case the shops run out of stocks during the holidays. They allowed Ezra and me to play with it for one week, just to see if everything works fine. My mom told us she’d hide it one of these days and we’d have to wait until Christmas to play with it again, but she’s been really busy lately so she keeps forgetting.  We’ve been having fun with it for about a month now XD


Thanks Mom and Dad!


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