Week 45/52: Would you lie with me and just forget the world


Quick (lazy) self portrait.  I’ve actually used those same paper clouds before on a self portrait I took last year.  I was too lazy to cut out new clouds so I “borrowed” them from my old photo XD

It’s been a lot colder these days.  Almost everyone I know has been down with the flu, including me.  (I think I might have passed it on to some people, I’m not sure, hehehe XD)  I like the cold (and cloudy) weather, I just wish it wouldn’t rain so much.  The other day I got stuck at the library for over an hour waiting for the rain to stop so I could go home.  Plus all the humidity is making my piano’s keys swell up T__T
I was tagged by Stephanie on Flickr a while back (like over a month ago), and I keep forgetting to do it.  I might as well do it now.  So here are 5 things you didn’t know (or might not know) about me:

1. I can’t sleep on a bus (or a car) unless it’s moving.  Another reason to hate traffic.

2. I always carry a bottle of antacids in my bag.  I’ve been suffering from hyperacidity ever since 2004, and I normally need them, especially when I’m stressed.

3. I’ve never travelled (to another country) without my parents before.  I’ve been travelling since I was 6 years old, but the thought of travelling alone still freaks me out.

4. I love (good) reality shows, even though I know that most of the scenes are scripted.

5. I catch colds really easily.  Put me next to a person who has a cold for about 10 minutes and there’s an 80% chance that I’ll have a runny nose the next day.

Title is from the song “Chasing Cars” by Snow Patrol


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