October Haul

It’s been a while since I made a haul entry. The main reason is that I’ve been trying to stay away from malls because my savings have been suffering lately. But I did pick up a few stuff that I (sorta) needed last month.


New brush (the green one on the left). I love huge paddle brushes like these. I bought my old Conair brush (the orange one) at Walmart for about $7 in April 2009 and I love it.  It feels like my scalp is getting a mini-massage every time I use it.   But for some reason, the rubber grips have sorta melted recently, making the handle very sticky (and yucky) to hold. I guess the brush wasn’t meant to last in warm and humid countries. I’ve been looking for a replacement for a while so I’m glad I found this green one at Landmark Trinoma for only ~150PhP.  It’s not as “cushiony” (is that even a word?) as the Conair one, but it feels good on the scalp too.


Pond’s White Beauty Detox cream. I used Pond’s whitening cream a lot back in highschool, but I stopped in college for some reason. I think it’s because I noticed that my skin has gotten a lot more sensitive to the sun since I started using it. I’m not sure if Ponds is the reason, but these days if I stay out in the sun too long I start to get rashes on my face. Anyway I’ve been getting a lot of pimples lately, and they’ve been leaving a lot of scars on my face. I remembered that Ponds whitening cream was effective in the past in removing my pimple scars so I decided to start using it again. I’ve been using it for about 2 weeks now and I noticed that some of my scars have started to lighten already, yay~


Silk Secrets Oil Control Sheets. This is my 2nd pack already, so it means I really like this product. I’ve tried a lot of different brands in the past and I’ve never been able to finish a whole pack. I don’t know why, I just keep switching brands whenever something new comes out. But I really like this one. It’s cheap and does the job well. Plus I love the color (apple green) XD.


Hair treatment Wax. I dropped by Watsons because I wanted to try the Lorys Hair Cream I read about on Project Vanity (my favorite beauty blog, you guys should definitely check that out if you haven’t already), but they only come in 1000mL jars. They’re HUGE! It would probaby take me forever to finish one entire jar. I didn’t want to risk buying something that big when I wasn’t sure how I would like it, so I decided to just get these smaller ones instead. It was Buy One Get One Free too! (Yes, I’m cheap.) I’ve only tried the Repairing Treatment Wax (the orange one) so far and it’s pretty good. I wouldn’t call it amazing, but it does leave my hair nice and soft. My sister says it made her hair stiff though, which is weird because usually whatever works on me works on her too.


Fresh Nailwash Safe Nail Color Remover and Lip and Eye Makeup Remover from Etude House. I was running low on both of these so I decided to get new ones.


I wasn’t planning on buying anything else from Etude House, but these were on sale (buy two get one free), so I got these three new bottles of nail polish.


I also got a new tube of their BB Magic Cream to replace my old one since I’ve used it all up. Ezra paid for this one, it was part of her birthday gift to me, hehe. Thanks Ez!


The shop gave me this tiny tube of Dear Darling Lip Tint as a freebie. I gave it to Ezra because my mom already bought the full sized version for me on their last visit to Korea.


That’s pretty much all I bought the past month.   The rest of my money went to clothes, food, transportation and characterization fees for my experiments.  Oh, and facials. I’ve been visiting my dermatologist a lot more lately since my pimples have been getting worse. Thankfully the pimples have stopped, but now I have a lot of scars which I’m trying to remove.

I think I did a good job on controlling my shopaholic self last month. Most of the stuff I bought were just things I’ve run out of. My savings account is slowly recovering from all the damage it’s received the previous months. Hopefully I can continue to save up, especially now that Christmas is coming.


3 thoughts on “October Haul

  1. “Project Vanity (my favorite beauty blog, you guys should definitely check that out if you haven’t already)”

    —-> Hi Ma’am, thanks for this. Now I have a new blog to follow 😀

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