Week 47/52: I’ll show you a sweet dream the next night

Before anyone even asks, yes, that’s a wig.  My mom bought it the other day for a little skit that her department is putting on for the upcoming Faculty Follies this December.  I borrowed it for my SP this week.

I’ve been thinking about getting straight-cut bangs, but after seeing how I looked with this wig, I probably won’t do it.  My face is very round and the blunt bangs just emphasizes that.  You’ll notice that I used my hand to cover part my jaw in most of these pictures, to try to make my face look a bit smaller (and less round) than it really is.

I crocheted the beret myself.  It’s not that well made so I’m happy to see that it looks fine in the pictures ^___^

Thanks Ezra for the shots and for lending me Tarepanda.

The title I used is a quote flashed at the end of each episode of the anime Vampire Knight.  I love that manga~



I like this one too, but my face looks so round, haha.


“Ooh, a deformed panda~”


Looks like I’m planning something evil XD  This was supposed to be my main upload because it shows the whole outfit but I ended up liking the first one more while I was editing it.


It looks like I’m wearing a dress in this shot, but it’s actually a blouse and a skirt 🙂


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