Baks Christmas Party 2010

Last Sunday the girls and I had our annual barkada Christmas party. It was nice to celebrate Christmas with the girls again, especially since we weren’t able to have party last year.

We gathered at Moy’s place first and headed off to Alabang Town Center around 4pm.

Brinks and me in the car. We went shopping the week before and bought the same dress. We agreed not to wear them this day so we wouldn’t have matching clothes, but somehow we still ended up in similar outfits (red plaid skirt, black/white top and mini boots). And no, we didn’t plan for it to happen.


Moy drove while Aprille navigated. We were able to avoid the heavy traffic areas in Calamba thanks to an alternate route that Aps knew about, but we still got stuck in Alabang.


We were starving by the time we got to ATC. Moy and Brinks were craving mozarella sticks so we decided to have dinner at T.G.I.Fridays.


Vesma paid for dinner (Thanks Ves! Congratulations on your promotion!)





Exchanging gifts. Aprille looks like she’s wearing a wizard’s hat, haha


I got this adorable desk calendar/planner from Aprille. Thanks Aps!


Recieving my present from Brinks. Thanks Kup!


Moy’s happy with what Vesma gave her




Crazy deformed photos below (thanks to my wide angle lens):





After dinner we did some last minute Christmas shopping.


Brinks bought presents for her boyfriend, her mom and herself.  (Quick mirror shot while Brinks pays at the counter)


Aprille also bought a Christmas present for herself:

Canon 500d! Weeeee~ Photoshoot tayo baks!


After shopping, we stopped by White Hat to rest our feet and grab some dessert before heading back home.   We were all really tired and sleepy by this time.  Fortunately, the traffic had subsided by then and we made it back home in about an hour 🙂

I had fun girls!  Thanks for the presents!


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