Medium Brown

Dyed my hair again last week. I decided to go with a darker color this time. I’ve been missing my black hair, but I’m still enjoying having colored hair so I compromised and just went with a darker shade of brown.

This was the dye I used:

Revlon Colorsilk in Medium Brown

Some before and after picts:

My hair before I darkened it. (Forgive the flowers. My room was a mess when I took this picture.) This was Revlon Colorsilk in Light Golden Brown. I like the color but for some reason I feel that using a shade this light on my hair only emphasizes how damaged it is.

Hello brown hair~ I know that dyeing my hair probably damaged it even more, but for some reason I feel that it looks a bit healthier because of the darker shade.

More after shots:


Nobutaaaaaaaa~ Suki daaaaaaaa~ (One of my favorite lines from Nobuta Wo Produce, hihi)

(I think I’m getting better at this DIY hair coloring thing. I made a smaller mess in my bathroom this time compared to the last few times I colored my hair. Yay~)


8 thoughts on “Medium Brown

  1. Nobutaaaaaaaa~ Suki daaaaaaaa
    ^^Oh the memories xDD That series is FULL of cute quotes *hearts on ShujixAkira*

    We don’t have Revlon hair colour where I am! (At least I’ve never come across it >_>…) Boohoo. Shame because I like how your hair has turned out šŸ™‚

    I’ve NEVER attempted at home DIY hair colouring because I’m just afraid I will screw things up beyond repair… but I;m thinking I should give it a go since it’s waaaaay cheaper. Although, I actually want to go lighter next, so… do you have any suggestions as to what brand hair colours to go?

    • Thanks šŸ˜€

      I miss NWP~ It was my 2nd J-dorama so it will forever remain special, hehehe.

      I tried DIY hair coloring because it’s so much cheaper compared to getting it done at a salon (about 1/5th the price). The first time I got my hair colored, I had it done professionally. But after that I decided to just try doing it myself. As long as you follow the instructions then it should turn out okay. The first time I tried DIY, my sister helped me out. But she’s been busy lately so I’ve had to do it myself the last few times.

      Recently I discovered (through my friend) that some salons allow you to bring your own DIY hair color kit and they’ll just apply it for you. It’s so much cheaper!! Like 1/8th the price. But I guess it depends on the salon, and where you live. Labor is pretty cheap here in the Philippines so I guess that’s a big factor.

      I’ve never tried any other DIY hair color brands before other than Revlon. I heard L’Oreal is pretty good too. The salon I went to used L’Oreal on me the first time I had my hair colored, and I liked the results. But I’ve never tried their DIY kits since it’s a bit more expensive than Revlon. And since Revlon works pretty well on my hair, I decided to just stick with it šŸ™‚

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  3. Hi carmi! šŸ™‚
    I just dyed my hair last Saturday with medium brown. Hindi masyado halata, parang hindi ako nag dye. My hair is originally black kasi. My question is, how long will i wait to dye my hair again? Planning to go lighter. What shade can you suggest? šŸ™‚ Ano kaya bagay sa morena? šŸ™‚

    Thanks… :-))

    • Hi Jam šŸ™‚
      Was this your first time dyeing your hair? If your hair is really dark and you want to go brown for the first time, you probably need to use a really light brown color muna. Dati kasi I tried dyeing my hair using dark brown dyes pero wala din nangyari, black parin kinalabasan, so I decided to get it professionally done na lang. Sabi nung stylist if your hair is really dark, you need a really light color to get it to turn brown at first. Golden blonde dye actually yung ginamit nya sakin para maging brown yung hair ko. This is what it looked like after:

      Most people would suggest waiting at least month before re-dyeing, but if your hair is in good condition, you can probably try again after about 2-3 weeks. Just make sure that your hair is well conditioned to withstand any chemical damage. Use a deep conditioner or a hair mask if you need to šŸ™‚

      As for yung color na bagay sa morena, I think rich browns with golden undertones would look better. That was the advice the stylist gave me dati. Stay away from cool colors if you have a warm skin tone. Why don’t you try the Light Golden Brown shade by Revlon (the one I showed in my “before” shot in this entry). It looks a bit reddish on me here, probably because I used Light Reddish Brown before, but my friend uses it and on her it comes out as a really light brown with some really nice gold undertones šŸ˜€

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