Christmassy campus shots with the girls

Aprille has recently bought a new camera (Canon EOS 500D) so we decided to head over to UPLB campus last week to test it out. Unfortunately, her sister borrowed it for a party she attended so we ended up using my camera instead.

Moy picked Ezra and me up from our house around 8pm. Our parents were attending the same IRRI Christmas party, so we were able to escape for a little while, hehe. We picked Aprille up from her house and headed over to take pictures of the Christmas decorations around campus.

Ezra, Aprille and Moy – waiting for our turn to take pictures


Santa with his reindeer. I had to switch to my 10-22mm lens so I could get all the reindeer in one frame (I was using my 50mm in this shot).


Shot with my 10-22mm. Can you name all the reindeer?


Finally our turn to take pictures πŸ™‚




After a while we headed over to Carabao Park to take pictures at the belen.

There were lots of people there as well


I took bokeh shots while waiting for our turn


Aps, Moy and me in front of the Belen


Then we stopped by the Admin building where the huge Christmas tree was placed


Moy and Aprille pretending to be Christmas trees. Ezra’s doing a Charlie’s Angel pose for some reason

Lady Gaga poses?


Ezra looks like she’s having fun


I almost slipped doing this pose. It rained earlier so the ground was muddy and slippery.


Deformed wide angle shots:



Aprille trying to hide her forehead



Ckloy calls this my reindeer pose XD


Rocker Moy


I had fun girls!

We invited Brinks to come with us but she had a Christmas party to attend that night. Sama ka next time kup! πŸ™‚


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