Week 51/52 : Don’t want Christmas to be over


Self portrait for last week (which I took this morning – I know, I cheated).

How was your Christmas?  (Or Hannukah/holidays if you guys don’t celebrate Christmas.)  I hope you guys had a great time and stuffed yourself with lots of food 😀

My aunts flew in from California to celebrate Christmas with us here in the Philippines.  Our schedule has been packed since last week.  We’ve been attending Christmas parties almost every other day and visiting friends and relatives like crazy.  We went to the beach earlier this week and just got back yesterday.  Now there’s another party going on at our house for my dad’s friends.  Busy busy busy~

I’ve been pigging out on Christmas goodies the past week.  I was too scared to weigh myself at first but I checked the scale this morning and was happy to see I haven’t gained that much weight.  I’ve been exercising every chance I get to avoid looking like a heifer when the holidays are over.  My mom told me to just enjoy myself and worry about losing weight after the New Year, but it might be too late by then.

As busy as I am right now, I’m pretty sure I’ll be even busier once classes resume 😦


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