Christmas 2010

Finally had a bit of time to browse through some Christmas photos.  I thought I’d share a few pictures here on my blog before the year ends. They’re mostly generic family photos so I’ll try not to post a lot.

Relatives from my father’s side arrived early on the 24th. Raffy bought his computer stuff with him and turned our living room into his own personal techie sanctuary.


There wasn’t space in their car to bring all his stuff so he used our TV as his monitor.


My aunt brought the two new Wiimotes she promised us as well. Of course I grabbed the hot pink one while Ezra got the boring white controller, which explains her sad face.


By lunch time, relatives from my mother’s side started arriving.


Obligatory group photo around the dining table.  We tend to get a little crazy when we get together. (Ezra didn’t want me post this at first because she looks deranged in this photo, but since it’s small, you can’t really tell.)


Gilbert and Me. Our outfits had the same color scheme, hehe.


Time to eat! We had spaghetti, bicol express, lechon, potato salad, ginataang hipon, chocolate cake and a failed ambrosia fruit salad (it ended up looking weird because of the huge colored marshmallows, but it still tasted good)


The cousins wanted to play Band Hero after lunch so we set it up for them. Since we had four Wiimotes now, we could play in full band mode XD

I mostly sang (well, I tried) since no one else wanted to. Everyone wanted to try the drums and guitar.


Brothers Viel and Deus on bass and lead guitar


I started to run out of breath after a while (singing definitely isn’t my thing) so Ezra agreed to take over


Drummer Carmi


Relatives from my mother side had to leave in the afternoon because they had their own stuff to do at home, but relatives from my father’s side stayed to spend Christmas with us. We attended mass that night and took pictures with the Christmas decors around campus afterwards.


Ezra and me at the belen


At the giant Christmas tree


We ran into Brinky and her special someone at Carabao Park. (He stayed away from us though. Scary ba kami kup?) Well, Christmas is the time for lovers according to Japanese culture, hehe.

As for my special someone, he arrived that evening to spend some time with me ❤

No formal solo picture of us together since he was feeling a bit camera shy that day, but I did get this shot where I obviously dragged him into the picture with me. He doesn’t look too pleased.

Baby don’t kill me for posting this, hehe. Mwaaaaah~


He did agree to be part of a few group shots though:

Ckloy, Raffy, Ezra and me – being weird as usual.


After taking a few pictures around the Christmas tree, we had our Noche Buena which consisted of ham, potato salad, spaghetti, queso de bola, bread and red wine.   After eating, we were all too tired and sleepy to exchange presents so we decided to do it the next day and went to bed instead.

It was a simple but memorable Christmas celebration 🙂  I’m happy to spend it surrounded by people I love.

One last family photo to wrap this entry up:

Belated Merry Christmas everyone!


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