Week 52/52 : There’s more to this brave adventure than you’d ever believe.



Last year my family went to the States for the holidays, so my final SP showed me in Mt. Charleston, surrounded by snow.  This year our family went to the beach, so instead of snow, I’m surrounded by sand (and the sea) 🙂

This was a quick photo that Ezra took of me just before we left to go back home.  It was a bit awkward posing in the middle of so many people (I photoshopped them out), so I couldn’t do too many weird poses.

I know that it’s my last photo of the year, and people probably expected something more extravagant than this.  But just like last year, I really didn’t have time to go on a fancy shoot or execute some elaborate concept.  Besides, I kinda like this shot. It’s simple but for some reason it seems to symbolize hope and anticipation for the future.  Well, for me anyway XD

A lot of people have been asking me if I plan to do another round of 52 weeks for next year, and the answer is “of course”.  I enjoy 52 weeks so much, I can’t imagine not doing it for 2011.  Like I said before, it’s one of the few things I look forward to every week.  It may be a bit difficult sometimes to come up with a decent photo, especially when there’s so much stuff to be done for school, but I still enjoy every bit of it 🙂

Thank you to everyone who embarked on this 52-week journey with me.  Every bit of support was appreciated.  Thank you to all my Flickr contacts who gave me encouragement and shared their thoughts with me.  I know I’ve been a horrible contact this year (my studies have been keeping me busy), so I really appreciate everyone who has stuck with me despite this.


(Title is from Owl City’s song called “To The Sky”)


2 thoughts on “Week 52/52 : There’s more to this brave adventure than you’d ever believe.

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