Review: Maybelline Clear Smooth Extra Shine Free Powder Foundation

I’ve been using this product for about 1 and a half months now, and it surprised me that I’ve already hit pan. I guess this only shows how much I like it, so I decided to do a review on it.


For the past year, I’ve been using BB cream, concealer and face powder on my face. It’s fine on most days, but I’m a lazy girl and sometimes even this minimal routine is too much for me.   I decided to just get a powder foundation that would give me enough coverage so I could skip the BB cream and concealer on days when I don’t want to wear that much make up.  Thank goodness I found this Maybelline Clear Smooth Extra Shine Free Powder Foundation.

What I love most about this product is that the color suits my skin tone. I love my BB cream, but what I didn’t like about it is that sometimes it made me feel a bit oily, and it made me look too gray or too pale in some photos, especially when flash is used. Apparently, this is a common problem you get when you use BB creams.  It’s alright under natural light, but it can look terrible with flash photography if you apply too much. See for yourself:

Looks fine in natural light right?

Still looks alright here.  Ezra and I both use the Etude House Magic BB Cream. It looks okay most of the time, but when flash is used:

EEEK! I look like I have a mask on! Okay fine, the flash and BB cream aren’t the only thing to blame for this bad photo, I think I put too much makeup on that day (and my hair is too frizzy).  I look greasy yet cakey and pale and just plain horrible!  Yuck~

Anyway, I’m glad I found this Maybelline powder foundation because it looks more natural on me and it has good oil control. The shade I’m using is called “Honey” which I like because it has a yellowish tone that suits my skin. Plus it’s cheap! I can’t remember the exact price but I think it was only around Php 350 (*EDIT* I’ve repurchased this three times and I found that some stores sell them for P250 or even as low as P225)

Another good thing about the product is the SPF 20 that the it provides. I wasn’t too excited about this at first because for some reason, some products with SPF make me breakout. Because of this, I tend to stay away from any makeup that has SPF in it.  But since this was pretty cheap and it matched my skin really well, I decided to still try it.   Luckily, it didn’t break me out.

The powder can be applied wet or dry, depending on how you want it. When I first started using it, I just applied it dry, like a regular pressed powder. But recently I discovered I liked it better when I use a wet sponge to apply it.  It gives better coverage and hides/minimizes my pimple scars pretty well. I don’t even have to use concealer on certain days anymore.  Look how well it hides the pimple scars on my cheek:

I like that it looks good in pictures too:

Camwhoring in the lab XD

Hair’s a mess, but I still like it

It looks okay with flash photography too:

Taken last Christmas.  Ezra looks a bit grey/pale because she’s wearing BB cream, but not as pale as I did in the other picture. Probably because she put the right amount on her face and didn’t go overboard like I did. (She’s pouting because Ckloy gave us those giant crayons that are meant for little kids to tease us. I think they’re cute, haha. Thanks baby~)

Those pictures weren’t photoshopped btw (unless you count resizing and adding the watermark).  You can see that the product gives good coverage.

Anyway, this review is getting pretty long.  To summarize:


  • matches my skin tone
  • has SPF (and it didn’t break me out, yay!)
  • fits perfectly in my bag and comes with a handy mirror
  • inexpensive
  • can be applied easily (wet or dry)
  • gives good coverage
  • good oil control
  • non-comedogenic


  • can’t think of one at the moment

Overall, I love the product.   I’ve hit pan but I expect it will last me a couple more months. I’ll definitely repurchase this when it runs out.


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