(EZRA) 2/52: I wish fairy tales could last forever


No, she’s not heartbroken

Her description:


I really like the Korean reality show “We Got Married”.  In the show, celebrities are paired up and they have to pretend to be a married couple. My favorite couple is Gain (from Brown Eyed Girls) and Jo Kwon (from 2am).  People call them the “Adam Couple” because “adam” means “small” in Korean, and they’re both petite. I really love them because they never fail to make me laugh, and their virtual marriage has lasted for over a year already. Sadly, they now have to leave the show.  Their last episode was shown on Saturday. It’s really sad, but of course they can’t be in the show forever.

(At least I can still watch them on their sitcom “All My Love,” where they play the role of twins.  But that means I can’t really expect any romantic development from them.)

Thanks a lot to my sister for taking my picture, editing it and doing the paper cut out!


I love the Adam couple too.  But at least I still have the Khuntoria episodes to look forward to 🙂


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